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Tropical Fruit Drink Mixes have been selected by parents for their children, because they are tasty, they don’t have as much sugar as regular soft drinks, they refresh and they have vitamins and minerals to keep children healthier and happier. Tropical Fruit Drink Mixes have a delicious taste, they are made from rich and delicious fruits and that’s what makes them the perfect drink for everyone and for any age. Drink Mixes have become more dependable drinks among people because not only they are delicious, there’s plenty flavors to choose from, you can buy many packages of Tropical Fruit Drink Mixes and the price will fit any body’s budget.

Tropical Fruit Drink Mixes are a parent favorite because they keep children cool in the summer, and they can make fun, tasty and delicious slushies and popsicles with them and get vitamins and minerals at the same time. Tropical Fruit Drink Mixes have delicious flavors and taste so good parents can convince their children to have a glass and they will fall in love after just one sip, and demand more. Giving parents the tranquility of knowing they can give their children another glass if they ask, because it’s healthy for them.

MexGrocer proudly gives you access to a wide selection of Tropical Fruit Drink Mixes with different flavors for you to choose from. Make sure to try KLASS drink Mixes, they have the same great fruit taste but with no sugar!

Another delicious Tropical Fruit Drink Mix without sugar comes from Zuko. It has many flavors for you to choose from, just add water for a delicious drink! There’s no sugar needed to enjoy your Ice cold drink. Zuko is fortified with vitamin C. Check Zuko’s flavors: Lemonade, Peach, Mango, Hibiscus, Tamarind, Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Fruit Punch, Strawberry, and Melon / Cantaloupe Drink Mix.

For natural flavors make sure to try Natura’s drink mixes: Natura's Tamarindo Drink Mix, Natura's Instant Hibiscus Drink, Pina Colada - Natura's Piña Colada Drink Mix.

One Agua Fresca or natural drink that is very famous in Mexico and to which MexGrocer gives you access is Agua de Horchata. A milk-rice drink flavored with a blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar rice. Now you can make your very own Traditional thirst-quenching Horchata at home with Natura's Horchata Instant Rice Drink, Del Tropico Horchata, Zuko Horchata Flavor Drink Mix, Dona Lisa Super Horchata, Juanita's Horchata Mix, KLASS LISTO Horchata Drink Mix and for a sugar free mix try KLASS Horchata Drink Mix – 3 units.

Bring home the traditional taste of Maria Elena's Certified Organic Mixes and mix up a refreshing, healthy and wholesome Hibiscus or Horchata beverage the whole family will enjoy. The Hibiscus water is a drink with health benefits like vitamin c, helps with heart diseases, promotes weight loss and reduces stress as well as blood pressure, for those who like all natural healthy drinks try Certified Organic Hibiscus (Jamaica) Drink Mix. The Horchata is made with organic rice flour, organic non-fat dry milk, organic ground cinnamon, and sugar with no artificial ingredients, flavors or colors, a drink ready to mix at home. Try Certified Organic Horchata Mix by Maria Elena's Aguas Frescas, and Certified Organic Horchata Rice Cinnamon Mix by Maria Elena's.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so compliment your breakfast or your children’s breakfast with Juanitas licuados, a traditional and delicious Mexican liquid meal or smoothie that can be consumed as breakfast or around mid-day. Juanitas licuados come in a new-easy-to-make powder mix in two flavors: Juanita's Strawberry Banana Licuado and Juanita's Strawberry Licuado. They are fortified with vitamin C, minerals, 16 vitamins, calcium, and are made with real fruit. They come in a convenient reseal able canister with a scoop.

Another drink that you should have at your next party or get together is the famous Clamato. A delicious and refreshing zesty drink made of a blend of tomatoes, celery, spices, onions, and clam juice. Enjoy Clamato on the beach, barbecue, and pool parties. It will surely satisfy every palate. Try Clamato Tomato Cocktail Original and Clamato Picante Tomato Cocktail.

Make sure to give yourself, friends and family the gift of authentic Aguas Frescas by getting the Aguas Frescas – Refreshing Mexican Drink Package which contains 2 Klass Mixes of each tropical fruit flavor for a total of 18 light, delicious and refreshing items. Just add water and serve chilled or over ice. Make delicious slushies or popsicles with any of KLASS’s 18 flavors!

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