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There’s nothing like an ice cold glass of fruit juice on a hot summer day, these fruit beverages are known in Mexico as aguas frescas and are very popular all over the country. This section includes some of the most popular fruit drinks available, including their flavors, benefits and important facts.

Aguas frescas are healthier than soft drinks since they contain less sugar and are made with natural ingredients. The most common and preferred aguas frescas flavors that are consumed in Mexico are Tamarind, Hibiscus (Jamaica) and Horchata. Fruit drinks are also very popular in the United States, Central America and the Caribbean. These refreshing drinks are usually served in large barrel-shaped containers either made from plastic or glass. has a large plastic container (vitrolero) that holds approximately 5.25 gallons of water, so you can make your favorite aguas frescas recipes, whether you’re serving it at a party or want to have fresh fruit juice available at home.

AguaFruta is a popular brand that makes high quality fruit juice drinks based on the traditional aguas frescas flavors. There are several versions of this popular brand starting with the original “AguaFruta” that has common fruit flavors including: hibiscus, tamarind (tamarindo), mango, pineapple, orange, guava, cantaloupe, lime and tangerine. It has an intense fruity flavor that is natural and comes from only the best fruits available. All of the flavors are enriched with vitamins and have essential nutrients that are beneficial for you and will keep your body strong and healthy. It’s a delicious fruit drink that you can enjoy anytime and everywhere you go.

If you’re looking for an adventurous and bold flavor you should try their ToroFruta version. This alcoholic fruit drink is just as intense as the regular version but with a boost of tequila that will make this fruit cooler a truly enjoyable drink. ToroFruta comes in five great flavors: tamarind, hibiscus, mango and pineapple.

Aguas Frescas Flavors

For those who are trying to stay fit you can enjoy the refreshing taste of fruit without sacrificing its great flavor, AguaFruta’s “Light” version is just like the original version but with fewer calories. It is made from the best quality fruit and is naturally sweetened with Splenda, so you can enjoy the same delicious sweet flavor without having to worry about the calories. Try each of its delicious flavors without ever having to feel guilty: pineapple, cantaloupe, hibiscus, tamarind and mango. The best part of AguaFruta Light is that it can be added to any diet, thanks to its beneficial nutrients and vitamins that promise to keep you healthy and hydrated for any workout.

If you’re looking for an ideal fruit drink for your children, AguaFruta Kids is just what you need. This delicious fruit beverage is fortified with vitamins A, B and C to give your kids a burst of energy as well as keep them strong and healthy. Their fun packaging makes it easier to take this drink wherever you go, so you’re kids can enjoy AguaFruta any time.


Horchata is a delicious rice beverage whose origins date back to ancient Egypt, where a plant named Chufa nut was used (instead of rice) to originally make this drink. The rice drink made its way to Spain, who later introduced it to the native people of Mexico. Today it is one of the most popular beverages in Mexico, where horchata is made with rice and flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. It can be virtually found in almost every Mexican restaurant and is typically served as an ice cold beverage during the summer. Horchata is not only a deliciously refreshing drink but is also a very healthy beverage, it helps with digestion and constipation, aids in the reduction of cholesterol, and can also be consumed (without sugar) by diabetics thanks to its carbohydrate and Arginin content that liberates the hormone that produces insulin. Now you can enjoy this delicious rice drink with Maria Elena’s Aguas Frescas Organic Horchata Mix that is made with organic and low fat ingredients, for a drink that is not only delicious but healthy as well. Take advantage of our plastic aguas frescas container (vitrolero) to make Maria Elena’s horchata mix and enjoy a refreshing cold glass with your family and friends.

Do you want to introduce your loved ones to the refreshing world of aguas frescas or you just don’t know which brand or flavor to try first? Worry no more, because with our Vitrolero Aguas Frescas Gift Pack you have everything you need to make delicious fruit beverages. This package includes one plastic barrel shaped container for you to make your fruit drinks and a ladle spoon so you can scoop and serve your favorite drinks. This also comes with several aguas frescas drink mixes from 3 great brands: Klass Listo, Zuko and Maria Elena’s Aguas Frescas. So you no longer have to worry about which flavor to choose, flavors include: lemonade, watermelon, hibiscus, tamarind, horchata, mango and pineapple.

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