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There’s nothing like refreshing yourself on a hot summer afternoon with a cold beverage or soda. MexGrocer is proud to give you access to your favorite beverage brands like Mexican Coca-Cola, Inca Kola, Goya, Materva, Malta India and Iron Beer.

When you’re looking for great Mexican and Latin beverages imported from their native countries, with refreshing taste, and the amazing authentic taste that you crave, MexGrocer comes to your rescue; we have imported only the best Mexican and Latin drinks you can ever find. Let these drinks and sodas surround you with a wave of exotic and delicious flavor you’ll fall in love with.

On your next party and family reunion make sure to serve your Mexican or Latin food with a cold, chilled bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola that is sweetened with cane sugar instead of Corn Syrup like in the US, Cuba’s famous Iron beer with a taste similar to Dr. Pepper, Peru’s Golden Kola, Inka Cola with its delicious sweet fruity flavor or perhaps you’re in the mood for a Goya Malta or Malta India a non-alcoholic malt beverage from Puerto Rico that is made from barley, hops, and water just like beer. Also make sure to try Goya's Sangria with the delicious flavors of fruits and fresh juices, have a cold Cola Champagne Refresco de Goya with delicious flavors of cola and fruits, so each sip you take is fresh, tasty and fruity or a La Nuestra Colombia – Kola Flavored Soda; a sweet tasting cola similar to cream soda, great to serve at birthday parties or use it as a base mix for a delicious and refreshing cocktail drink. For an authentic Mexican drink in a bottle try Tepache Original Pineapple cider 100% natural, made with natural fruit sediment, for a very refreshing beverage.

Energize yourself with Materva Soda and Materva – Diet Yerba Mate Soda sugar free with zero calories. Materva it’s said to have health benefits like: a strengthened immune system, less stress, better sexual performance, and a younger appearance. So why not give it a try? Also make sure to try Caballo Negro Energy Drink, that will energize you with its sweet tropical fruits and tart citrus that tastes delicious with spirits and food.

It’s also good to have some cold, delicious and healthy drinks at hand. Have a delicious horchata drink by Solmaya Horchata Mexican Style a rice based drink made with fresh milk, water, and the right blend of authentic flavors and spices. Also if you like fruit flavored sodas try a very cold Jupina pineapple soda, a delicious tropical pineapple soda made by the same company that makes Materva, it’s the closest thing to actual pineapple juice you’ll ever have or Postobon Manzana a delicious Apple Flavored Soda beverage. If you like cold juices instead of sodas, MexGrocer is proud to bring you Goya’s Tropical Beverages in different flavors: Passion Fruit, Mango, Guava, Tamarind and Papaya so you can quench your thirst with Goya’s delicious real fruit juices that are loaded with vitamin C, and are 100% natural.

For those super hot summer days, refresh yourself or make delicious cocktail drinks with Topo Chico Mineral Water and Mineragua – Jarritos Mineral Water, both are refreshing and great-tasting. Make delicious pina coladas or pineapple based drinks with Goya Coco - Cream of Coconut with100% real coconut or drink a very cold Coconut Milk - Leche de Coco for a refreshing, healthy and delicious drink. For your next pool or beach parties, make delicious Margaritas with Margarita Mix Agavito - Non Alcoholic Mix for Tequila Margaritas to make delicious authentic margaritas and add some spice to your margaritas with Sangrita Agavito - Red Spicy Mix for Tequila for a zesty drink with a kick.

Cool off during those hot summer days with your children by the pool having some tasty and refreshing Bolis Icesticks/ Helados with 10 delicious flavors: 2 cherry, 2 orange, 2 apple, 2 grape, 2 blue raspberry and El Mexicano Ice Pops with 10 delicious fruit flavor Popsicles.

Remember if you want Mexican drinks or Latin beverages has an excellent selection for you to choose from at the click of a button. You’ll be surprised to see that at MexGrocer there’s an exotic and refreshing beverage that will instantly be your favorite.

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