Mexican Hot Sauce by Tierra Brava

Tierra Brava Hot Sauce
Sauces Tierra Brava ® is a notion of gourmet Mexican salsas with a fresh and attractive. Our sauces are well remembered by those who try them for their rich flavor and heatness, two distinct factors that invite consumers continue to prefer Tierra Brava ® Sauces.

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Our brand and image to synthesize the strength and character of the Mexicans as well as the greatness and richness of our earth. Therefore our image is a cock tail with its elegant colors, that conveys the strength, courage and joy that has always characterized Mexicans.

Competitive characteristics of our products are attractive innovation in image designs and a exceptional 100% natural quality, free of preservatives and dyes, contributing to a delight taste unparalleled in Mexican sauces, prepared under the highest standards of quality under constant supervision by our department of quality and safety.

Although two of the Tierra Brava ® Sauces are habanero chile, one of the hottest peppers in the Mexican world, we have developed a one of a kind sauce that can be savored by all consumers, giving a pleasant heat, without being disturbing and can taste the flavor of the habanero chile in a moderate heat. This is how conceptualized and date occurs and sell our sauces Habanero Chile Verde with an heat on a scale of 1 to 10, equivalent to 2-3.

For those who like to taste a sauce with a greater heat we have our red habanero chile sauce or orange label, with the same features and concepts of our line of sauces, habanero chile, the degree diferenciadose spicy, and this is on a scale of 1 to 10, equivalent to 7-8 points.

Both habanero chile sauces are great for fish and shellfish, but also with other food such as meat or pasta.

A third is our fabulous chipotle chile sauce, with its special flavor manages to win the most demanding consumers who want flavor with a pleasant moderate heatness, a special smoky taste may be included in all types of foods such as meat, chicken , seafood, pasta, rice, etc. .. The heatness level is in a scale from 1 to 10, equivalent to 6-7 points.

Our products are certified Kosher, enabling to offer a greater number of consumers.


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