Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce - 5 oz

Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce
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Guacamaya Hot Sauce is a hot and tangy red hot sauce with chiles and spices from Sinaloa.
The brand La Guacamaya has been a favorite in Mexico since 1948. La Guacamaya is produced in the city of Culiacan, in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. The Sinaloa region is recognized as the finest agricultural region in all of Mexico, helping to produce the highest quality raw ingredients for the Guacamaya product line.
"Guacamaya" is the Spanish name for a type of parrot indigenous to Mexico. The legend behind the naming of the product "La Guacamaya" comes from an old story about the founder's ancestors who used to feed dried chiles to their pet parrot (Guacamaya) in Mexico.
What makes La Guacamaya Special?
La Guacamaya uses the finest dried chiles: Other brands use a cheaper less flavorful chile pepper, either "chile peppers" or "red chile peppers". La Guacamaya uses only the highest-quality Cora Chiles or Chile de Arbol peppers in their special hot sauce.


Guacamaya Salsa Picante Tradicional

Salsa Guacamaya roja picante con chiles y especias de Sinaloa.


Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce - 5 oz
5 Stars based on 10 Review(s)
San Antonio TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This hot sauce is wonderful and this is my first trying it!

I usually tend to get what ever cheap affordable hot sauce my budget can afford, which tends to be Franks or the stores generic version. Hot Wings Sauce or something. I had ran out of hot sauce which I tend to put on just about everything and so me and my wife went to the 99cent store here in San Antonio TX and I was looking for hot-sauces and I saw this one, as the only hot sauce that they had, so i decided well let's try it out. I took it home last week for the first time, tried it on some chicken wings that I also got at the 99Cent store, a pound of chicken wings are two dollars here in San Antonio and the hot sauce was a dollar and I really liked its flavor, its color I thought was unique looking and its taste was exceptional! And I tend to like sauces that are as hot as possible. I am originally from NY so I have been accustomed to sauces that are Jamaican, Japanese, Chinese, India, Thai etc. This sauce in my humble opinion is one of the best and since I can get it for a buck here I will continue getting it. Its one of the best in my view. Sincerely Aminadav Hinton
Exceptional flavor and just the right amount if spice.

Berlin MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Almost Inner Beauty

This is the closest I've come to finding a hot sauce that comes closest to my old fave Inner Beauty

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

anazing flavor

great smoky flavor

San Gabriel, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Hot Sauce

I've been using La Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce ever since I was a child (I am now in my 50's). It's as good and "hot" today as it was back then! I was introduced to this product in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico. It's great with ceviche and all Mexican cuisine.
Just right in Spicy
Too small. The larger size for the red sauce would be great! (Like the green version of La Guacamaya Hot Sauce).

Rochester, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good hot sauce

A decent hot sauce with a flavor similar to Valentina. It's not my favorite but I think a lot of it comes down to personal preference anyway and for that, this isn't bad at all.

Riverside, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A hidden Jewel

I discovered Guacamaya in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. I usually go for the crazy hot stuff but the flavor of this sauce is incredible. I highly recommend buying the glass imported bottles. There is a difference in flavor with the plastic bottles that just isn't quite the same.
Perfect blend of spices. Not too hot but enough heat to let you know it's there.
I avoid the plastic bottles but will gladly buy them over any other brand when it's the only option. Otherwise, I make my own.

5 Stars

Review for La Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce

Excellent Hot Sauce! This hot sauce was handed down to me from my mother, who discovered it in her home town of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Her highly acclaimed, "Ceviches" were always topped off with the exquiste, La Guacamaya Sauce.

5 Stars

Review for La Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce

One of the most flavorable hot sauces fo pinto beans I have ever tasted!!!

5 Stars

Review for La Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce

La Guacamaya is the bomb, by far my favorite mexican hot sauce.

5 Stars

Review for La Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce




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