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Imported Mexican Hot Sauces are found in almost every household and dinner table. They are a very important condiment in Mexican, American, Asian, and European dishes; since hot sauces enhance the flavor in food. Hot Sauces or Chile sauce are any sauce made with hot peppers and other spices. The diversity of Sauces is so unique that they are prepared with various chilies and ingredients, as well as having different intensities of heat and different bottle sizes and appearance. Mexican sauces are unique in their preparation because more attention is put on the flavor & less on heat, which is precisely why they are made with very small amounts of vinegar since robust flavor is preferred rather than extreme heat.

The main ingredient found in Mexican Hot Sauces are the type of peppers or chiles that are used as well as spices. The intensity and heat of the salsas differs according to the type of chiles used. The kind of peppers used in the preparation of hot sauces are the Habanero, Chile de Arbol, Chipotle, Chiles and Jalapeno; Habanero being the hottest pepper with the most extreme heat. Sometimes this chiles are combined to get an even hotter flavor. Hot Salsas are a compliment for many dishes, some like Cholula, Valentina, or Buffalo can be poured over tacos, tostadas, hamburgers, hot dogs, eggs, burritos, chicken wings as well as beverages and all type of snacks like potato chips, pork rinds (Chicharrones), churritos (corn snack sticks), peanuts, nuts, and on fruits like the famous Chamoy; a sweet and spicy sauce. Others like the habanero flavored ones go better with meat, fish, chicken pork, seafood. Mexgrocer has plenty of hot salsas to choose from, that go with your style and suit your taste.

In all the supermarkets and in you will find a vast selection of hot sauces like El Yucateco, Cholula, El Pato, Buffalo, Chile de Arbol, Tamazula, Trechas, Huichol, Dona Maya, Fuego Maya, De Boca a Boca, Salsas Catillo Amor, Tajin, Hola, La Guacamaya, Salsa 7 Mares, La Extra, Michemix, Zaaschila, and Mayanik for you to choose your favorite and the one best suited for your needs. Every salsa with their unique taste, adds flavor to all your dishes. For all salsa lovers, offers convenient gift packs, with different flavor of salsas to satisfy everyone. Plus the gift packs are an excellent present that makes you look good.

There's other type of salsas that are even hotter than the Habanero ones, and that's because this sauces get their fiery flavor from capsaicin extracts. When consuming this type of hot sauces, like the habanero the feeling of fire or burning of the mouth is felt. Many people tend to drink water to aliviate or calm the heat, but all water does is open the taste buds. When consuming very hot salsas, it is recommended to drink milk, since the protein in milk that is called casein binds to capsaicin, the agent in chiles that makes them hotter, and helps for the chiles not to burn "Your mouth."

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