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MexGrocer proudly brings you the best selection in domestic Mexican hot sauces and other hot pepper sauces, made to satisfy a wide range of tastes; Made with the highest quality and original recipes, with delicious aromas and flavors making them unique. For those who like it hot, bring Real Domestic Mexican Hot salsas into your home and on to your table. Jump into the fire and let MexGrocer introduce you to its selection of Mexican Hot Sauces.

Pico Pica – Is a mouthwatering Mexican hot sauce, to enhance the flavor and give a spicy kick to eggs, tacos, soups, quesadillas, tostadas, meat, and fish. Originally bottled in Southern California, Pico Pica is a sauce made with freshly pureed red chile peppers to produce authentic Mexican flavor. Try Pico Pica Taco Hot and mild sauce as well as Pico Pica Green Sauce medium, and give a flavorful kick to any dish. Going on a picnic, out door party or barbecue? Make sure to take Pico pica with you with the Pico Pica Pouch samplers. They are convenient and easy to take on the go. Now you can add a spicy kick to your food with out mess, hassle or having to carry the big jar with you.

El Tapatio – Is a seasoned Mexican hot sauce, milder than Tabasco found at many grocery stores, restaurants and households in the United States. El Tapatio gives all of your favorite dishes a delicious kick without overpowering the flavor. Pour El Tapatio over eggs, tacos, tostadas, potato chips, French fries, pizza, fruits, vegetables, hot dogs, hamburgers, soups, stews, drinks and many more! El Tapatio also comes in pouch samplers available here at MexGrocer. Now you can take El Tapatio with you, everywhere you go; like picnics, barbecues or outdoor parties! Now you don’t have to take the big jar with you, just take a couple of El Tapatio sampler pouches and enjoy the spicy kick El Tapatio will give all your favorite dishes.

La Victoria – Produces authentic Mexican salsas, Taco sauce, enchilada sauce and chiles, that deliver the best tasting Mexican food items. MexGrocer brings you the best La Victoria Red and Green hot sauces, in plain or squeeze bottle for you to choose the one that fits your needs. Shake up a bottle of any of La Victoria hot sauces: Red Taco Sauce hot, mild, or medium, Salsa Brava, Green Taco Sauce mild, and for more added heat Chipotle Sauce Medium and Chunky Jalapeno Sauce and spice up all your favorite dishes into extraordinary culinary delicacies with a little bit of sauce and whole lot of flavor.

Tabasco Hot Sauce – is a flavorful hot sauce that will give the right amount of spice to your favorite dishes without having an overwhelming heat. Pour it over French fries, eggs, hot dogs, pizza, soups, stews, drinks, meat, Buffalo wings, and many more.

El Pato – Besides being canned, El Pato Picante Hot sauce, Red Hot Sauce and Green Jalapeno Medium Hot sauce, also come in practical glass and squeeze bottles so you can add the authentic Mexican hot sauce to all of your dishes. Enjoy El Pato hot sauces over tacos, tostadas, soups, stews, cocktails, fruit, vegetables, potato chips, French fries, eggs, flautas, taquitos, pizza, and may more.

Red Rooster – The Authentic Louisiana style hot sauce by Bruce Foods is available here at MexGrocer. Red Rooster is a cayenne pepper based hot sauce known as the sauce that is “Not too hot, not too mild” which means it’s an excellent sauce for both hot sauce lovers and those who are not too fond of spicy food. If you’re looking for a sauce that has a little kick, but not enough to set your mouth on fire, then Red Rooster is the sauce for you. We also have Red Rooster Xtra Thick Hot Sauce, a slightly thicker hot sauce that naturally clings to food better than the regular version. Red Rooster "XTRA" hot also has a more concentrated Red Pepper flavor for cooking where thicker is better. The heat of the Red Rooster "XTRA" depends on the amount you add to your food.

Roland – Is a finishing sauce that will enhance your food presentation as well as mix gently into the dish, giving it a delicious kick. Use Spicy Chipotle finishing sauce directly from the bottle on sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, subways, seafood, salads and any dish that needs an extra kick.

Are you the searching for a hot sauce that will burn your tongue off, set your mouth on fire, make you spit fire, and cause people to stand at least 10 feet away from you? MexGrocer has the spiciest hot sauces for you! Made with the hottest chile pepper the Habanero, these hot sauces will make you cry, and breathe fire. Spontaneous combustion, Ass Kickin' Original Hot Sauce and Habanero Hot Sauce from Hell live up to their names. Pour them on tacos, on your huevos rancheros, fries, soup and stews.

Give the gift of hot sauces to your friends, family and all hot sauce lovers you may know with our special hot sauce gift packs. They are perfect for you or the hot sauce lover on your list, the Hot Sauce Best Sellers Gift Pack makes an excellent gift idea, includes products imported from Mexico and the more authentic Mexican hot sauces manufactured in the USA or you can go for the Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack that comes with six assorted hot sauces - each flavored with different Mexican chiles. From the hot-hot-hot habanero to the tangy-spicy green jalapeño, to the smooth, traditional red hot sauces, we've made sure to cover all bases here, you won’t be disappointed.

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