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If you have the desire the heat of habanero peppers, they will not disappoint and give you a fiery burst that will satisfy you. The habanero chili is one extremely potent and intense type of chili peppers. Usually mispronounced as habañero, their most common colors are red and orange, green when they are unripe, and brown, pink and white have also been seen. Exactly where the Habanero originated is unknown, but it’s speculated that it might have originated in South America and migrated to the Caribbean and the north of Mexico. The largest producer of Habaneros is the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, where they are largely consumed. Habaneros are a key ingredient in Yucatecan food, and they accompany the majority of their dishes in either puree/salsa or solid form. It’s because of the flavor and aroma of the habaneros, that their popularity has increased all over the world. Habanero’s heat is fruity with a citrus like flavor, and it’s this floral scent that makes the habanero a key ingredient featured in spicy foods and hot sauces.

MexGrocer is proud to bring you a vast selection of habanero hot sauces, so you can give your food a fiery kick.

El Yucateco Habanero Hot Sauce

El Yucateco – MexGrocer brings a collection of salsas by El Yucateco, so you can choose your favorite among the highest quality products, made with the best ingredients to guarantee your satisfaction. Their salsas include: El Yucateco Extra Hot Habanero Sauce also known as "Salsa KutBil-Ik” it’s a special edition hot sauce, Green Habanero hot sauce, Chipotle Hot Sauce, Red Chile Habanero Hot sauce, Caribbean Habanero Hot Sauce, and Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce. Add a few drops of any of this hot sauces to your favorite dishes, an experience their delicious, explosive and fiery taste. If you love habanero sauce or know someone who does, then give them or yourself a the fiery gift with the El Yucateco 4 x 4 Habanero gift pack, that includes one 4 oz. hot sauce of each of their most popular Habanero Hot Sauces: Habanero Red, Habanero Green, Caribbean Habanero and Kutbil-Ik or Habanero Extra Hot sauce!

Mayanik Habanero Hot Sauce

Mayanik – With great pride MexGrocer.com brings you the famous collection of Mayanik Habanero Pepper hot sauces. Made with a superb flavor, superior quality, and a high-class presentation they are made with a selection of best natural ingredients, and we have all four for you to choose your favorite: Mayan Recipe XXX Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce, Green Habanero Hot Sauce, Red Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce and Orange Habanero Hot Sauce. We also have the Mayanik 4 Habanero Hot Sauce Gift Pack that includes the 4 habanero hot sauces in the Mayanik collection, so you can take home all 4 hot sauces, or give the habanero lover in your gift list a fiery surprise.

Zaaschila – Delight your friends and family with Zaaschila’s hot sauces made with all natural ingredients. Pour Zaaschila Guacamole with Chile Habanero Salsa Picante over salads, nuggets, sandwiches, shrimp, chicken, breaded fish and enjoy a sauce that combines the flavor and creamy texture of hand-picked Mexican Avocados with the unique and fiery taste of authentic habanero peppers. Give fish, shellfish, and Barbecue a fiery kick with Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante a delicious hot sauce made with tomato, onion, habanero peppers, and herbs.

Salsas Castillo – To give all your favorite dishes an unquestionably delicious Mexican flavor use Salsas Castillo habanera Extra Hot sauce in either red or green bottle, both available here at MexGrocer.com. Salsas Castillo Habanera is a must in every habanero connoisseur’s pantry. Also try La Extra Habanera Green Hot Sauce and La Extra Red Habanero Extra Hot Sauce.

Other habanero based sauces that you should have in your pantry are Trechas Habanero Premium Salsa, and Fischer & Wieser Mango Ginger Habanero Sauce made with a perfect combination of ginger, honey, sweet mangos with just dash of habanero pepper creating the perfect addition to food. Glaze seafood, pork, lamb or chicken, use it as a dip for shrimp, crab cakes and appetizers, Mix it into crab salad, lobster or shrimp, pour over cheese and enjoy with crackers.

Now if you like a challenge and Habanero isn’t hot enough for you then try your luck with some of the hottest sauces at MexGrocer.com: Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce, Ass Kickin’ Original Hot Sauce to turn ordinary meals into Ass Kickin meals, and Habanero Hot Sauce from Hell the hot sauce that lives up to its name.

Savor the flavor of Mexico with the Hot Sauce Best Sellers Gift Pack, which is ideal of those salsa lovers in your shopping list who love their meals with a Kick. The Hot Sauce Best Sellers Gift Pack is a combination of our top Hot Sauce sellers at MexGrocer.com.

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