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Chipotle sauce chipotle peppers as the main ingredient and it's typically made into a hot sauce. Today, there are many variations of chipotle sauces and seasoning that create an array of interesting products that range from a creamy sauce or finishing sauce, taco sauce, seasoning and gourmet sauces. Normally Chipotle peppers are packed in jars or cans with a sauce made of vinegar, tomato sauce, spices and other chiles. When cooking there’s no going wrong, the sauce, the chiles or both can be used in recipes. You may also visit our chipotle salsa recipe and our chipotle salsa sectionfor additional products.

The Chipotle pepper is the result of jalapenos being smoked in order to be preserved. Chipotle pronounced [Chee-POT-tleh] or [Chi-pot-lay] comes from the nahuatl word Chilpoktli and a chile ahumado or smoked dried brown and shriveled jalapeno. Chipotles are linked to peoples prior to the Aztecs, and it is believed that the first to smoke the jalapenos were the Aztecs. To smoke the jalapenos they used the same “smoke drying” methods they used for drying their meat, to preserve the jalapeno peppers longer because they were prone to rot. When the jalapenos are done smoking, they have a brownish color, and they have the similar appearance of a raisin or a plum. Jalapenos loose a little bit of their heat as it gets combined with the taste of smoke as they are being smoked.

Chipotles are loved by many, not only for its spicy flavor, but for the natural wood smoke taste that comes with the pepper. Chipotle peppers are milder than jalapeno and have a very distinctive flavor. Smoky Chipotles are one of the most popular peppers in the world, they are used to make Chipotle sauce and to prepare many Mexican dishes. The chipotle sauce is spicy, full of authentic flavor and when used on your favorite dishes like BBQ, they will result in hot but not super hot meals. is proud to bring you our varied selection of Chipotle sauces, for you to use on your favorite dishes.

Chipotle Hot Sauces: If you’re looking to give your food an outstanding hot and spicy chipotle flavor then you totally need to check out Buffalo Chipotle; a Medium-thick fleshed hot sauce with a subtle deep rounded heat, El Yucateco is not as spicy as the habanero sauce, but it will add a kick to any dish, Tajin Chipotle will add a kick to chips and fruits, Cholula Chipotle hot sauce with its "Flavorful Fire" gives steaks, chicken, ranch dressing, soups and more a new delicious flavor, La Victoria Chipotle Taco Hot Sauce and El Pato Chipotle Sauce go great poured over tacos, tostadas, burritos, sauces, enchiladas, eggs, give a tasty zing to soups, pork, quesadillas and use as a base for steak marinades or a base for pizza to spice up your favorite dishes and make your mouth water.

Chipotle Sauces & Bouillon: To make delicious stews, soups, and giving meats and potatoes a spicy, thick taste use San Marcos Chipotle sauce and La Morena Homemade Style Sauce; to give flavor and zest to all your recipes use Herdez Salsa Chipotle to make albondigas (meatballs) chicken and over seafood like tuna and shrimp; and pour Knorr Chipotle Sauce Ready to serve over fried eggs, enchiladas and when you serve hot chicken or turkey, for finger licking delicious food. Rub Knorr Chipolte Boullion crumble on meats, chicken, pork, burgers, fish or stirred into sauces, rices, stews and soup to add the real taste of smoky chipotle. For a delicious spicy, zesty kick add Knorr tomato chipotle Granulated Bouillon to tomato based soups, meats, and stews.

Chipotle Gourmet Sauces: Sauces made with smoky chipotles with the sweetness of fruits make a delicious combination of flavors that will take your meals to a whole new level of flavor. Glaze pork, salmon, grilled chicken and meat with Fischer & Wieser The Original Raspberry Chipotle Sauce to add a sweet, smoky flavor with a hint of heat thanks to the delicious combination of raspberries and chipotle peppers. Turn a salad, sandwich, hot dog, burger or torta (subway) from ordinary to extraordinary with Zaaschila Chipotle Creamy Salsa Spread and Roland Chipotle Finishing Sauce. Use Big Acres Chipotle Peanut sauce as a delicious dipping sauce for chicken or beef satay, use it to marinade your meats and poultry, or as a salad dressing and noodle sauce and use Big Acres Chipotle Maple BBQ Sauce on ribs, chicken, pork, fish, seafood and veggies for finger licking food!

Love the flavor of smoky chipotle chiles? Know someone that does? Then the Chipotle Lovers Gift Pack is the gift pack for you or to give to that aspiring chef and chipotle lover in your gift list. Pack comes with the best brands of chipotles in different types of presentations, such as hot sauces, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, chipotle sauce, in taco sauce and finishing sauce, as well as cooking paste. For any recipe you find or that you want to try, you will have the right ingredient no matter what the chipotle ingredient is being called for. With this wide range of varieties, you will find your favorite way to enjoy chipotle peppers in authentic Mexican meals.

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