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Foodservice is a large industry that is dedicated to provide food and other supplies to establishments such as: schools, restaurants, hospitals, catering services, hotels and cafeterias.

Hot Sauces

These are must have hot sauces to include in your restaurant or establishment. They should be in every kitchen and every table so your customers can give a spicy kick to their meals.

Valentina Hot Sauce – Comes in two varieties Original (yellow label) and Extra Hot (Black label) and is loved for its citrus flavor with a spicy aftertaste more than its heat. It goes great with seafood, tacos, potato chips, chicken wings, fruits, vegetables and all types of food.

Tapatio Hot Sauce – A restaurant table staple, it’s delicious and it’s addictive. Its delicious flavor gives food a piquant touch everybody loves. It goes great with eggs, meats, and all sorts of foods.

Cholula Hot Sauce Original – You’ll recognize it for its signature wooden cap. Cholula is made with a delicious blend of chile de arbol, piquin peppers and signature spices, that won’t overwhelm food flavors but will actually enhance them. It goes excellent with omelets, eggs, pizza, drinks, cocktails, seafood, dips, and appetizers – virtually on any dish!

Gourmet Products

Delicious products that taste, smell and look great made with the freshest and best ingredients available.

Fischer & Wieser The Original Raspberry Chipotle Sauce – Sauce made with the combination of the sweet taste of the raspberries with the zesty smoky flavor of chipotles. It makes an excellent glaze for pork, meat, chicken and salmon.

Roland – Is the leading brand of Gourmet food in the market. Roland has developed a line of finishing sauces: Chipotle, Roasted Yellow Pepper, Cranberry Horseradish and Hot Wasabi to match any chef’s creation. They are a unique variety of flavors that will enhance food presentation as well as mix gently into the dish.

Enchilada Sauce

Enchiladas are only as good as their sauce, and brings you the best Enchilada sauces.

La Victoria – Features a delicious blend of the highest quality red chiles for the best spicy flavor. This zesty saucy companion will turn any ordinary enchiladas into extraordinary and will take your soups, stews, tamales, and meats to a whole new dimension.

El Pato – Delicious red enchilada sauce made with chiles, garlic, onions and spices. Sauce is excellent for soups, stews, enchiladas, tamales and various assorted Mexican food dishes.

Las Palmas – Las Palmas is the biggest selling Mexican cooking sauce in the United States, it uses only the highest quality chiles and other fresh ingredients to make their salsas. Las Palmas offers a wide variety of Mexican cooking sauces including Red Chile for zesty spicy enchiladas, and Tomato for milder enchiladas.


Served with tortilla chips as appetizers, they are Mexican restaurant signature appetizer. Naturally the salsas have to be made with the freshest and high quality products.

La Victoria – Makes the most delicious salsas deserving to be dipped. Salsa Suprema made with delicious and fresh tomatoes, Santa Fe chiles and spices all blended to create incredibly tasty flavors and Thick ‘N Chunky which features perfectly sized chunks of fresh ripe tomatoes, green chile peppers and crisp onions. They are ideal for dipping chips; salsa will stick to your chips and will drive your taste buds wild.

Herdez – To give a delicious Mexican flavor to any meal, Herdez Salsa Verde and Herdez Salsa Casera will drive your taste buds wild. Both salsas are similar and are prepared in the same way, the only difference is that Salsa Casera is made with tomatoes and Salsa Verde is made with Tomatillos (green tomatoes). Use Salsa Casera on Sopes, quesadillas. Molletes, burritos, eggs, soups and Salsa Verde on chilaquiles, quesadillas, sopes, burritos, tacos, or any food that needs a zesty kick and the tangy flavor of the tomatillos.

Embasa – its products give both experienced and beginner Mexican cooks and cooking enthusiasts the opportunity to create mouth-watering, authentic Mexican dishes while maintaining the traditional flavors and aromas. With Embasa you give your chefs the ability to create amazing and tasty dishes that will be loved and appreciated by everyone. Put Red Salsa Mexicana on your table for an amazing dip your customers will love dipping their chips in; and in the kitchen create the most delectable enchiladas and chilaquiles made with Embasa green tomatillo sauce, for a dish that’s finger licking good.

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