Roland Artichoke Hearts - 13.8 oz

Picture of Artichokes - Roland Artichoke Hearts - 13.7 oz - Item No. 13217
Brand:  Roland
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Roland Artichoke Hearts
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Hearts of Artichokes - Count 8-10

Roland Artichoke Hearts are a special variety, which ensures the tenderness, color, and quality required for a successful presentation. They are the interior, heart of the artichoke, with a light yellow/green color. They can be used cold or used in a variety of heated and prepared dishes as they do not toughen up from cooking. There are 8-10 hearts per can. This size has nice eye appeal, should not be cut up but used whole. Artichok.

Roland Artichoke Hearts - 13.7 oz

Las alcachofas son otro producto extremadamente versátil. Nuestro tamaño popular de 8/10 contado por lata, tiene un atractivo especial. Debe utilizarse entero. Nunca debe ser cortado en pedazos.

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Roland Artichoke Hearts
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