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Red Salsas from Mexico (Salsas Rojas de Tomate)

One misconception is that Red Salsas are extremely hot just because they contain chile. It’s farther from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, salsas are delicious and spicy enough to give your food a delicious zesty kick. Red Salsas come in a full range of ingredients and flavors within a variety of red salsa recipes. Mexican Red Salsas are prepared by combining cooked tomatoes; where they get their red color, onion, garlic, chili peppers and fresh cilantro! A well prepared salsa will enhance all those dishes, seafood, and meats that otherwise would be dull and bland.

Originally Mexican red salsas where made using the molcajete (mortar and pestle) to gain a very distinctive flavor only the molcajete can give; due to the constant uses, the volcanic rock with which is made of, absorbs the flavors of every salsa made, providing the salsa with a delicious flavor and seasoning that is hard to duplicate, every time. Salsas began with the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans, who would combine chiles, tomatoes and other spices to create what the Spaniards in the conquest later called “Salsa.” The combination of ground squash seeds and chili peppers was a condiment poured over lobster, fish, turkey and venison which was consumed by the Aztec lords. Salsa has been a staple in the Mexican gastronomy, being the salsa the most important part of a meal, the key ingredient that gives food its flavor. Real Mexican salsa began with the Spanish conquest of Mexico, when they created the spicy concoction made with the combination of chili peppers, and tomatoes known today as salsa, used atop many dishes, and that you can find in any restaurant in Mexico accompanied with tortilla chips as an appetizer while you wait for your meal. proudly brings you the flavor of Mexico, in a varied selection of the best Mexican Red Salsas from Mexico:

Herdez Salsa

Herdez – Con toda confianza es Herdez (with Confidence its Herdez) which means you can trust all your salsas are fresh and deliciously made. Bring home the delicious flavor of Salsa Casera, in either can or jar, available in mild, medium or hot. To suit any taste, serve Salsa Casera on eggs, tamales, tacos, or meat. Have it as dip with Herdez snack size also in hot, medium and mild so you can choose how hot you want your salsa. For other flavorful Salsa Casera and Salsa Mexicana try Embasa!

La Victoria Salsa

La Victoria - Has built a legacy of bringing you delicious, authentic-tasting Mexican food products. The perfect dipping salsa! Thick'N Chunky features carefully sized chunks of vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp onions and jalapeno peppers to make this hearty salsa stick to your chips. Pour over tacos, taquitos or soft tacos, use it as a base for Pizza and all your favorite dishes, including eggs, vegetables, hamburgers and hot dogs, La Victoria Cilantro for that authentic pico de gallo flavor, La Victoria salsa Jalapena and La Victoria Ranchera for those who like it extra HOT, La Victoria Salsa Victoria very hot chunky red sauce, excellent to perk up eggs, casseroles, burgers, hot dogs as well as any Mexican dish, and La Victoria Red Taco Sauce is excellent as spicy ketchup. To suit your needs, La Victoria Salsas are available in either hot, mild, medium or brava. Salsa Brava is for those who like it very hot; it’s a mildly spicy sauce flavored with paprika. Pour on top of potato wedges, shellfish, soups, broiled meat and poultry for an added zing. La Victoria is delicious.

Frontera Salsas

Frontera – For those who like different flavors of salsa, MexGrocer brings you Frontera Gourmet Mexican salsas, all made with fresh natural ingredients, in mall batches using time-honored methods. Try all the flavors of Frontera Gourmet Salsas: Tomato Salsa with Cilantro and New Mexico Chile, Chunky Tomato Salsa with Cilantro and Mild Green Chile and Chunky Tomato Salsa with Roasted Garlic and Jalapeno.

Goya – If it’s good, it has to be Goya, and their salsas are just as good! Salsa taquera and Pico de Gallo from Goya offer up great flavors to all your favorite dishes. Pour them on tacos, eggs, meats or chips!

Tostitos – the dipping salsa by excellence! A fiesta in a jar, enjoy Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa and Tostitos Chunky salsas available in hot, medium and mild. Delicious salsas with amazing taste makes your snacks come to life.

Make sure to try our other Red salsas: San marcos, Pico Pica, Mi viejita, Chi Chis and Del Real Foods Fire Roasted Fresh Red Salsa and give your tacos, eggs, meat, fish, pork, seafood an amazing taste and delicious flavor.

Introduce your friends and family to the world of Mexican Red Salsas by giving them the Salsa Lovers Gift pack; perfect for anyone who enjoys the flavor and spiciness of salsa, as well as that salsa-lover (or aspiring Mexican Chef) in your life! The Gift pack is a collection of salsas by the best brands: Herdez, El Pato, La Costena, Embaza, y La Morena so you can start making delicious dishes. Try these salsas with enchiladas, chilaquiles, tacos, spooned over eggs, burritos, chiles rellenos, sopes, tostadas, tamales as well as all of your favorite fish, meat and even chicken. Remember MexGrocer has the best Red Mexican Salsas available at the click of a button!

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