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Schools, Cafeterias, Grocery stores, bartenders, restaurants, hospitals, caterers, public businesses and other companies get their food products supplied by Foodservice distributors. These establishments have the responsibility of dispensing, transporting, making and serving these prepared foods. If you’ve been to a bar, restaurant or a hotel then you’ve been to a food service establishment and those who work there or have worked for any of these establishments have certainly gained vast experience in the field of food service industry. The most popular products distributed to these businesses are canned foods, in large sized cans so they will serve as many people as possible.

Canned foods are essential for any Mexican Food establishments and proudly supplies you with the best high quality canned foods, from the most popular Mexican brands.

Menudo and Pozole

Prepare the delicious and popular Mexican Pozole or Menudo with the help of Juanita’s Mexican style hominy canned in water. Juanita's hominy is made from the finest white corn kernels available which are never bleached or prepared with lye. If you don’t want to make Menudo or Pozole from scratch, then just open a can of Juanita’s Pozole or Menudo and enjoy the most delectable dish you have ever eaten. All you have to do is heat and serve! Garnish Juanita’s Menudo and Pozole with fresh cilantro, raw onions, cilantro, lime juice, oregano and enjoy with warm tortillas. For a meal with a kick try Juanita's Hot & Spicy Menudo, a spicy dish you can certainly enjoy any day of the week!

Whole & Refried Beans

Beans are Mexican Food eternal companions, and they are a must in all Mexican Restaurants. What better way to make delicious pinto or black refried beans and pinto whole beans then with La Costena products. Serve beans that are healthy and delicious in many dishes such as eggs, tostadas, molletes, sopes, with tortilla chips as an appetizer, with rice or as a side dish for all your clientele to enjoy.


Another staple food in Mexico, Nopalitos (cactus) are a must in any Mexican food establishment. brings you the best brands of Nopalitos: Embasa, Dona Maria and La Costena all in convenient glass jar so you can make the best nopalitos dishes. These nopalitos are ready to use from the jar, packed fresh, pickled and preserved. Sliced for your convenience, use the nopalitos to add a delicious and authentic flair to a variety of dishes, like the traditional nopalitos soup, tacos or salad. You can combine them with seafood, quiches, and casseroles.


In Mexico, Cuitlacoche or Huitlachoce is considered a delicacy and can be found for purchase in the street, at farmer’s markets and at restaurants as well as be purchased as a canned good via the internet or in grocery stores. Huitlacoche also called the Mexican caviar, has a smoky-sweet flavor and are sometimes harvested and used in a variety of Mexican dishes. Make delicious dishes with Monteblanco Cuitlacoche like crepes, soups or quesadillas and bring the flavors of Mexico into your home or restaurant.

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