Menudo - Mexican Beef Tripe Soup (Stew)

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Menudo - Mexican Beef Tripe Soup (Stew) History and more

Originating from Mexico and Ecuador, Menudo (Mexican Beef Tripe Soup) is a spicy broth that is made from beef tripe that can have either a clear, red or green base. Vegetables and other spices are added to the broth such as lime juice to give the dish its traditional tangy flavor, red chili peppers on the other hand give the stew its reddish color and spiciness, oregano, epazote, chopped cilantro and onions are also added, these last two garnish the dish and enhances its flavor. The red chili peppers are used only for the red version (Menudo Colorado) since it adds a mild spice to the dish. The white menudo is made without the spice and hominy is added to the broth, this version is more popular in the northern part of the country. This dish is usually served with tortillas, to compliment the meal. Menudo gets its popular name because it refers to the beef tripe or sheep stomach in the soup, which is known in Spanish as “pansitas”. Although Beef tripe’s soft and chewy texture is similar to calamari, it has a unique and pleasant flavor, which is enhanced by the dish’s spices and ingredients.

Menudo is considered a family dish, since it is commonly served during holidays and feasts, especially on New Year’s morning. It is a dish that is popular for its rich flavor, inviting aroma and nutritional value since it is loaded with ingredients from several food groups and is enriched with vitamins which serve to give a great boost of energy. The condiments in the beef stew are known to soothe the stomach, replenish essential vitamins and stimulate gastric juices in order to overcome the loss of appetite. It is because of its ingredients and high B vitamin content that Menudo is also considered a great hangover remedy; it brings anyone back to life. has a wide selection of canned Menudo products, so you can enjoy this delicious meal with your family. We offer two Menudo brands Juanita’s and Pico Pica that are high quality, fast and simple to prepare.

If you love beef stew with a spicy kick then Juanita’s Hot & Spicy Menudo is the ideal product for you, it’s prepared with the same ingredients as the regular Menudo rojo but with an extra zest of chiles and spices. Juanita’s Menudo (Menudito) is the regular beef stew with a mild spiciness. If you prefer Beef tripe stew without hominy, you should try Juanita’s Menudo without Hominy. For those who love the white version of beef tripe stew, Juanita’s has a delicious White Menudo that you’ll enjoy, has the same great flavor as the red version but less spice. With Juanita’s menudo products all you have to do is heat the soup; garnish it with diced raw onions, fresh cilantro, lime juice and oregano. We also have Real Mexican-Style Menudo by Pico Pica which is the spicy red version of Menudo and is made in the traditional Mexican style: beef tripe and hominy combined in a red chile broth.

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