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8 inch candles
8 inch candles

A votive candle or prayer candle is a small candle, typically white or beeswax yellow, as well as standard size candle of any color or scent designed to be burnt or lighted as an offering in a religious ceremony. Votive candles are lit for prayer intentions. The process of “Lighting a candle for someone” symbolizes that prayer, and the person’s intention of saying a prayer for another person.

Through candles religions symbolize their faith and canalize their prayers. This section contains a varied selection of Our Lady of Guadalupe candles so you can lit a candle in her honor to pray for someone or to ask Our Lady to give your her aid in your problems or tribulations. You can find them right here at MexGrocer.com, so you can light one an put it under Our Lady of Guadalupe statue or image at church or at home.

The Virgin Mary appeared to a humble native Indian by the name of Juan Diego in a cold morning in 1531, asking him to tell the bishop, that she desired for a church to be built on the hill of Tepeyac in what’s now Mexico City. Juan Diego did as he was told but the bishop didn’t believe him, and asked him to bring proof of what he was saying. He went back to the hill where the Virgin appeared to him and he told her the bishop didn’t believe him and he required proof. She told Juan Diego to go up to the hilltop of Tepeyac and cut the Castilian roses that were growing there. Juan obeyed Mary’s instructions and went to the top of the hill where beautiful full blooms of Castillian roses awaited him, despite the freezing cold on the hillside and that in winter no roses or flowers bloomed there. He removed his tilma (cloak), cut the roses and brought them back to the Virgin, who arranged them with her holy hands. Again she sent Juan Diego back with the bishop; instructed him he should reveal the contents of his cloak to the bishop only, that with this sign which he asked for, she wanted him to build the church she much desired in that place. Juan Diego went back to the bishop once more, he told him about the Virgin and how he had given her his message and the proof he needed. So he then opened his cloak letting the beautiful roses fall to the floor. The bishop and his advisors then fell on their knees, but it wasn’t because of the roses, but because of the beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was imprinted on the cloak, just as Juan Diego had described her.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the Americas, and since her apparitions to Juan Diego she has been, and continues to be venerated by millions who visit her at her Basilica in Mexico City. An incredible list of cures, interventions and miracles are attributed to her. If you can’t go to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico, now you can pray at home with the beautiful collection of religious candles MexGrocer.com has for you. Choose from our varieties of candles: to protect your family and you, a seven day devotion candle and pink Guadalupe candle depicting her apparitions to Juan Diego. Include your children in this beautiful devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe by having them light their own candles. Choose from Veladora Virgencita de Guadalupe – Cuidame (take care of me) - Our Lady of Guadalupe Candle for kids which comes in two colors: purple background and with a prayer on the back so they can pray for the Virgin to take care of them or light the Veladora Virgencita de Guadalupe - Cuida a mi Familia - Virgin of Guadalupe – Take Care of my Family candle, which has a navy blue background and prayer on the back.

Grab yourself a Tea light stand or candle holder with the image of the Virgen of Guadalupe so you can pray to her, she will hear your petitions, take care of you and guide you, just as he promised Juan Diego that morning when she appeared to him: “Am I not here, I who am your mother? Aren’t you under my shadow and my protection? Am I not the source of your happiness? Aren’t you in the hollow of my robe and the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else you need?”

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