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The native people of Mexico, the Aztecs and the Mayans as well as Europeans from Spain and France highly influenced the desserts of Mexico. The country stands out because in its unique blend of cultures, that are found not only in their meals but in their colorful and flavorful desserts. Mexican desserts are a must and the way to complete an authentic Mexican meal. Mexican Cuisine has an enormous variety of desserts of different colors and flavors, which are not only simple to make but delicious to have. MexGrocer proudly gives you access to all the Mexican materials and ingredients you need to make delicious Mexican desserts in your own home.

Coronado, Nestle, Tres Estrellas, McCormick, Roland, Herdez, Goya, Molina, La Costena, El Molino, and D’Gari are all high quality products from the best Mexican dessert companies brought to you by

Give color, texture and flavor to all of your desserts with our wide selection of products. Create delicious concoctions with authentic vanilla flavor like cakes, flans, cookies, beverages and ice cream with our vanilla extract products from Real Vanilla and Molina brands. Whether you feel like having something chocolaty, fruity or some kind of milk caramel sweet delight, you’ll find this and more at How about trying Coronado’s cajeta, the most exquisite, scrumptious and delectable milk caramel in both of its flavors: liquid blistering cajeta and vanilla flavored cajeta, which now comes in a very convenient squeeze bottle. Another Mexican favorite topping poured on pancakes, cookies, bananas, cakes, ice cream, plain wafers, and beverages or even eaten by itself is Nestle’s La Lechera Dulce de Leche. Finish that Mexican meal with Chongos Zamoranos Tres Reyes a Mexican dessert; it’s made with gelled milk, sugar and cinnamon and is the perfect dish for someone craving "something sweet". To sweeten your food and desserts in a natural and healthy way use Zulka Pure Cane Brown Sugar, Miel H Honey, Royal Crown Pure Honey with Comb, Organic Blue Agave Glycemic Sweetener and Sukkar Sugar Cane Syrup. If you’re going to a picnic and need a sweet dessert, then try El Torito Sweet Corn Cake Mix and enjoy a deliciously authentic side dish or dessert at home with your favorite Mexican meals.

To make delicious fruity desserts make sure to use McCormick and Goya’s Jam and Fruit Spreads, which are ideal for pies, pancakes, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, cookies, ice cream and spread on toast. Also make sure to try Roland Melba Sauce; this scrumptious sauce is made with a combination of pureed and strained fresh black and red raspberries that is ideal for frozen yogurt, ice cream and as a garnish. For other sweet and fruity treats try out Goya and La Costena’s guava fruit pastes and ate de membrillo (quince paste) that are ideal to eat with bread, cheese and crackers. To make delicious desserts, gelatins, cakes, fruit beverages and pies as well as use as garnish on your desserts be sure to use Herdez’s whole mangos and guavas in syrup, you can also eat them out of the can if you like, and pour some Nestles Original Lechera over them.

If you’re looking for holiday treats like Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead) and Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings Cake), or a regular dessert like Churros and Bunuelos then Tres Estrellas and El Molino are brands for you. What’s a churro or a slice of Pan de Muerto or Rosca de Reyes without a delicious hot cup of chocolate? Make sure to accompany your sweet bread, with a warm cup of Authentic Mexican Chocolate. Try Ibarra, Abuelita or Don Gustavo exquisite chocolate tablets for a warm beverage you’ll enjoy dipping your churros in.

Introduce your loved ones to the sweetness of Mexico by giving your friends and family our special dessert gift packs. To end a Mexican meal, do so in style with The Real Deal Mexican Dessert Pack. After the first bite, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Mexico! Dig in to a rich and creamy Mexican Flan or egg and vanilla Rompope gelatin. Spoon some velvety, delicious and equally rich Chongos over tropical guavas or mangos, have some cajeta over a scoop of ice cream, or enjoy a piece of ate de membrillo (quince paste) with a slice of cheese. If you, someone you know or someone on your holiday gift list is a serious dessert-lover, this gift pack is a must.

Mexican Food Sweet n’ Delicious Gift Pack has three different types of flan, a caramel-covered egg custard that’s as Mexican as tortillas, one can of Herdez Guava, Coronado Liquid Cajeta (milk caramel) so you can pour over your favorite desserts like pancakes, ice cream, toast and cookies, a box of Gansitos Marinela, Cookie Assortment box, Tres Estrellas churros flour mix and Carlos V chocolate bars.

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