Pure Honey with Comb - 16 oz

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100% pure honey with comb


Honey is "manufactured" in one of the world's most efficient factories, the beehive. Bees may travel as far as 55,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just a pound of honey.
The color and flavor of honey differ depending on the bees' nectar source (the blossoms). In general, lighter colored honeys are mild in flavor; while darker honeys are usually more robust in flavor.
Honey is primarily composed of fructose, glucose and water. It also contains other sugars as well trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Miel Pura con Panal

Miel de colmena con panal 100% pura. Marca Viktor.

Product Reviews
Pure Honey with Comb - 16 oz
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

Review for Royal Crown Pure Honey with Comb
December 23, 2010

Once my boyfriend tried honey with a comb in it, he always wanted it. But we couldn't find anymore around us and so ordered it from MexGrocer. I can't believe how fast it shipped. I wrapped some up and put it under the tree.

5 Stars

Review for Royal Crown Pure Honey with Comb
July 2, 2009

love it

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