Dona Maya Chiltepin Hot Sauce - 12 oz

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Dona Maya Chiltepin Hot Sauce 12 oz

Chiltepin Pepper is consider one of the hottest pepper in the world, originally from Sonora Mexico. Chiltepin is a wild chile pepper that grows in Mexico and the southwestern United States. It is also considered the mother of all peppers," because it is one of the oldest form in the Capsicum annuum species.

Chiltepin is the only wilde native Mexican chile pepper, also called the mother of all peppers. It is very small in size with an extremely pungent flavor. Chiltepin pepper is very hot. Use it in soups, stews, salsas, chorizo and your favorite Mexican meal.

Salsa Picante de Chile Chiltepin

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Dona Maya Chiltepin Hot Sauce - 12 oz
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Daniel Carrillo Jr.
5 Stars

Review for Dona Maya Chiltepin Hot Sauce
October 25, 2010

Great hot sauce!!! Glad to see that you carry it. Tried it first in Tucson, Arizona and had been looking for it in Texas and Alabama. Very good flavor with the right amount of heat to it. I will continue buying it as long as you carry it.


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