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Food services are establishments such as companies, institutions and businesses that are responsible for the service and preparation of any meal outside of home. Such as catering services, weddings, hospital cafeterias, schools, restaurants and any place where food is sold. In the case of chile peppers this are mostly served at Mexican restaurants or stores as well as sandwich based restaurants, and pizzerias...

Whole Jalapenos

Jalapenos are a thick leathery, aromatic, smooth textured, red or dark green medium sized chiles with moderate heat. They have a pleasant green veggie flavor, that’s slightly biting. The fierceness of the jalapeno does not overpower the flavor of food, it actually enhances the taste. MexGrocer.com brings you the best brands of whole jalapeno products: Herdez, La Costena, San Marcos, La Morena, Embasa and Del Sol. Use this delicious pickled Jalapenos to make deep fried poppers, or if you want to reduce the fat content then you can stuff your jalapenos with cheese, tuna, or shrimp and have them as appetizers. Also you can make delicious Mexican dishes, like salad dressings, guacamole or just eat them by themselves if you dare.

Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

Another delicious way of enjoying jalapenos either fresh or pickled, is by slicing them in halves, wheels or strips to make the famous rajas, used in green or pasta saladas, add them on top of pizza, use as tamale fillings, in a sandwich, over tacos or tostadas for a delicious zesty touch. MexGrocer.com proudly brings you the best brands in sliced jalapenos so you don’t have to slice them just open the can and use. Try Embasa Sliced jalapenos on top of a slice of pizza for a spicy kick or La Costena Nacho Sliced jalapenos to add to your nachos for movie night or on top a hot dog for a spicy treat.


A dried and smoked jalapeno that is brown and shriveled. Through the smoking process chipotles lose their heat, but are still enjoyed by many for their spiciness and the natural smoky taste that accompanies the pepper. Chipotles can be purchased whole, as a paste, as finishing and adobo sauce. They are used to add heat to soups, stews, meat prepared for tacos, chicken and pork. Chipotles are also excellent rubs for vegetables or grilled meats. To give your sandwiches and salads an extra kick of flavor try Roland Chipotle finishing sauce, and for spicy meatballs, grilled meats, soups and stews use Embasa Chipotle in Adobo sauce.

Other Chiles

For tasty chiles that will enhance your dishes try Roland Fire Roasted Red Peppers and garnish all your meals as well as use it for sandwiches and pasta dishes. Put your own unique twist and use it anyway you want since red peppers are a very flexible ingredient. If you want to add flavor to Italian sauces and salads as well as garnish your dishes use Roland Red Sweet Peeled Pimientos. To make incredibly delicious rajas or chiles rellenos use Del Sol Whole Chile Poblano, they come ready to use from the can to use in all of your favorite recipes and dishes.

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