Teasdale Maiz Amarillo - Gold Hominy - 29 oz

Teasdale Maiz Amarillo - Gold Hominy
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Teasdale Maiz Amarillo - Gold Hominy 29 oz

Golden Hominy is the primary ingredient in many Authentic Mexican dishes, Menudo andPozole being the most popular. As with all Teasdale products, the hominy beginswith only the finest quality raw materials; the highest quality corn specificallygrown for Teasdale in California's fertile farmland. Get a standing ovation foryour dishes by using Teasdale Gold Hominy in your recipes. Gold Hominy will addcolor and variety to many authentic recipes, as the taste remains the same.Mexican cuisine is as exciting and colorful as its art and music. Teasdalehominy products are made to make authentic meals easy to prepare - just openthe can and combine with fresh ingredients.


  • Ready to use from the can!
  • First Quality Gold Hominy.
  • 70 Calories per serving 1/2 cup (125 g)
  • Saturated and Trans Fat 0 mg.
  • Cholesterol 0 mg.
  • Sodium 490 mg.
  • Protein 2 g.
  • Sugar 0 g.
  • Net WT. 29 oz (1 LB 13 oz)
  • Kosher.
  • Product of USA

Ingredients: Golden Hominy Prepared with water and salt, Sodium Bisulfate added to promote color retention.



4 oz Red Chili Enchilada Sauce 1 1/8 lbs Diced Lean Pork Meat1/2 Pig's Foot - Cut in 3 pieces3 cups of Teasdale White Hominy drained1/2 Head of Chopped Cabbage3/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper1/2 Onion choppedWater and Salt to Taste

Place the meat and pig's foot in a soup pot and add just enough water to coverand salt to taste, cover and bring to a boil. Cook until tender, add the TeasdaleWhite Hominy, simmer until it pops. Add Red Chili Sauce and enough water to a soupyconsitency. Boil 30 minutes more; add onion, cayenne pepper, cabbage and lemon juiceto taste. Makes 2 to 3 Pozole Servings


Teasdale Maiz Amarillo – Gold Hominy – 29 oz

El maiz es el ingrediente principal en muchos platos autenticos mexicanos: Menudo y Pozole siendo los mas populares. Al igual que con todos los productos de Teasdale, el maiz comienza con las materias primas de mejor calidad específicamente cultivado para Teasdale en las fertiles tierras agricolas de California. Recibe una ovacion de pie por tus platillos usando el Maiz amarillo de Teasdale en tus recetas. El maiz dorado le dara color y variedad a muchas recetas autenticas, ya que su sabor se mantiene igual. La cosina Mexicana es tan excitante y colorida como el arte y la musica. Los productos de Maiz de Teasdale es tan hechos para hacer comidas autenticas facil de preparar – solo abre la lata y combina con ingredientes frescos.


  • Listo para usar de la lata!
  • Maiz de Primera Calidad.
  • 70 Calorias por porcion 1/2 taza (125 g)
  • Grasa Saturada 0 mg.
  • Acidos Grasos 0 mg.
  • Colesterol 0 mg.
  • Sodio 490 mg.
  • Proteina 2 g.
  • Azucar 0 g.
  • Peso Neto 822 g.
  • Kosher.
  • Producto de USA

Ingredientes: Maiz Amarillo preparado con agua y sal, con bisulfito de sodio para promover la retencion del color.


Teasdale Maiz Amarillo - Gold Hominy



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