Roland Ventresca Tuna in Olive Oil - Atun - 4 oz

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Roland Ventresca Tuna in Olive Oil - Atun
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Roland Ventresca Tuna 4 oz

Roland Ventresca Tuna comes from the tender belly meat of the tuna. They are a product of South America. There is no finer cut of tuna packed in a tin. A luscious quality with the true flavor of the yellowfin tuna. Ready to eat straight out of the tin, the tuna fillets can be used for lunch, a light dinner, a cold fish buffet, a seafood salad or as part of a “gourmet” sandwich.

Ventresca Tuna

Ventresca Tuna is consider the foie gras of the tuna fish. This is the richest, most sensual bit of fish you'll ever take out of a can. There is Ventresca Tuna from Spain and South America. It's ever more difficult to get because of the high demand for it in Japan for sushi, where it's known as toro. Made from the belly of atun blanco, fileted for freshness within hours of being brought on board the boats. This is absolutely unlike any other tuna you've ever tried. Incredibly smooth, almost velvety in texture, ventresca will make you forget other canned tuna you've had.

Atun Ventresca marca Roland 4 oz

El Atun Ventresca es conocido tambien como el Atún blanco o Bonito del Norte ( Thunnus alalunga). Se pesca en Sud America y en aguas del golfo de Vizcaya en verano. Mide alrededor de un metro de longitud. La parte dorsal del cuerpo es de color azul fuerte, casi negra, y la ventral blanquecina. También se le reconoce por el gran tamaño de las aletas pectorales. El Bonito enlatado es el túnido de paladar más fino y el mejor cotizado que se utiliza mucho en la cocina cantábrica en temporada.

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Roland Ventresca Tuna in Olive Oil - Atun - 4 oz
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May 9, 2009

The Most Delicious Tuna in the World!


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