Dulces Lizeth

Mexican Candy Lizeth available at MexGrocer.com For more information please visit their website at DulcesLizeth.com.mx

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Dulces Lizeth

Dulces Lizeth is a family business that was established in 1987, devoted to the manufacture of healthy as well as nutritional, regional candies of the highest quality. 100% natural with a unique and exquisite homemade flavor, Dulces Lizeth are made with Tamarind and Plum, which gives them an exquisite fruit flavor with a high nutritional value, so you won’t have to feel guilty when you’re eating one. Just like fine wines, the product speaks for itself!

Dulces Lizeth offers products that are not only delicious and nutritious, with flavors you and all your family will love! Next time you’re craving a natural tamarind treat, make sure to have Dulces Lizeth at hand in the office or home. Products from Dulces Lizeth include: Paleta Tamarindo Natural (tamarind spoon sucker), Cuchara Mango Natural con Chile (Natural Mango sucker with chili), Paleta Ciruela Natural con Tamarindo (Plum spoon sucker with tamarind), Cuchara Tamarindo Natural con Saladito (Spoon or Sucker with Tamarind and Salt) and Tocho morocho (plastic glasses with Jicama, plum, tamarind, chile de arbol, and sugar).

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