Zuko Fruit Punch Flavor Drink Mix (1 Liter / 0.9 oz) (Pack of 3) - .9 oz

Picture of Zuko Fruit Punch Flavor Drink Mix (1 Liter / 0.9 oz) 3 Pack - Item No. 30108-00019
Brand:  Zuko
Item#: 30108-00019UPC: 830108000196
Price $3.25
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Makes 1 qt
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Zuko Fruit Punch Flavor Drink Mix (1 Liter / 0.9 oz) (Pack of 3)
Brand: Zuko
Zuko Melon / Cantaloupe Drink Mix (1 Liter / 0.9 oz) (Pack of 3)
Brand: Zuko
Price for Both:$6.50
Zuko Fruit Punch Flavor Drink Mix (1 Liter) or 1.1 quarts - Just add Water, no additional sugar needed.

Now just add water no sugar needed to enjoy your Ice cold drink. Fortified with vitamin C. Makes 1.1 quarts or 1 liter.

This product is distributed in the U.S. by Novamex.

Directions: Empty the content of this sachet in 1.1 quarts of water, stir to dissolve. Serve over ice. Just add water. No sugar required.

22 calories per serving (6g)

Ingredients: Sugar, Citric Acid (Provides Tartness), Arabic Gum (Provides Body), Artificial Banana, Maracuja, Strawberry and Orange flavors, aspartame (sweetener), calcium phosphate (prevents caking), maltodextrine, titanium dioxide (for color), acesulfame potassium (sweetener), FD&C red No.40 (artificial color), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), FD&C yellow No. 5 (artificial color).

Zuko Fruit Punch 25g

Nuevo y no requiere azucar solo agregue agua con vitamina C. Fortificado con vitamina C. Rinde 1 Litro.

Este producto es distribuido en Estados Unidos por Novamex.

Preparacion: Vacia el contenido del sobre en un litro de agua, revuelva hasta disolver. Sirva helado. Solo agregue agua. No requiere azucar.

22 calorias por porcion (6g)

Ingredientes: azucar, acido citrico (acidulante), goma arabiga (espesante), saborizantes artificiales de platano, maracuya, fresa y naranja, aspartamo (edulcorante), fosfato tricalcico, (antiaglomerante), maltodextrina, dioxido de titanio (colorante), acesulfamo de potasio (edulcorante), FD&C rojo No. 40 (colorante artificial), acido ascorbico (vitamina C), FD&C amarillo No. 5 (colorante artificial).

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Zuko Fruit Punch Flavor Drink Mix 1 Liter / 0.9 oz Pack of 3

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