Christ in the Cross Medal - Medalla Cristo Crucificado Oro 14k Gold - Small Square - 1.1 g

Picture of Christ in the Cross Medal - Medalla Cristo Crucificado Oro 14k Gold - Small Square 1.1 g - Item No. p57-34
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Christ in the Cross Medal - Medalla Cristo Crucificado Oro 14k Gold - Small Square - 5/8" x 3/8"

Christ Hand Engraved Medal - 14k Gold - Small Square

The best-known religious symbol of Christianity is the Christian Cross, which is a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is related to the crucifix (a cross including a three-dimensional representation of Jesus’ body) and to the more general family of cross symbols.

For Christians the cross is a constant reminder of God’s act of love in Christ sacrifice at Calvary ("the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world."). The cross is also a reminder of Jesus’ victory over sin and death, because with his death and resurrection he conquered death itself. Christians venerate the cross not as a material object, but as the symbol of the sacrifice by which they were saved by Christ, The cross is seen as the instrument of Christ’s triumph and of our God’s saving and ever lasting Love. As well as being a visible expression of our belief and hope in God.

Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Easter Orthodox, some Anglicans, other Christians and members of the major branches of Lutheranism often make the sign of the cross upon themselves. When we make the sign of the Cross we are professing our faith, our belief in God and the mysteries of Christian Faith: The Holy Trinity – Father, Son and The Holy Spirit – and salvation given to us by Christ on the Cross. The combination of the words and the action of crossing ourselves are a creed, a statement of belief. By doing the Sign of the Cross we mark ourselves as Christians.

The Sign of the Cross is a blessing, and when we do the Sign of the cross we are asking for God’s blessing upon us. Doing the Sign of the Cross is used in small and large versions to bless others or things, like rosaries. Clergy use a large Sign of the Cross in the air to bless others and laypersons. Parents use the Sign of the Cross to bless their children before going to bed or to drop them off to school so they’ll be protected.

By making the Sign of the Cross we remind ourselves about God’s infinite and everlasting love for us, the sacrifice Jesus made for us to rid us of sin and grant us eternal life as well as acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. When doing the sign of the cross we start at the head which brings God to our minds, our hearts and our shoulders for strength.

The cross is often shown in different styles, shapes and sizes. It can be used as personal jewelry, hanging on your wall to bless a house or room, or used on top of church buildings. It is shown both empty and in crucifix form, that is, with a figure of Christ, often referred to as the corpus (Latin for "body"), affixed to it. proudly brings you a collection of beautiful 14k Gold Christ in the Cross medals featuring the figure of Christ as it was in the cross, so you can be reminded of Christ’s sacrifice and love for you as well as show your belief in Christ and that you are a proud Christian. The Christ in the Cross Medals make beautiful presents for baptisms, weddings, confirmations, graduations, First Communion, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Give the gift of faith, and give your friends and family the opportunity to grow closer to the Lord by enhancing their faith with any of the three Christ in the Cross Medals.

Medalla Cristo Crucificado grabada a mano - Oro 14k - Chica Cuadrada - 1.4 cm x 1.0 cm 1.1

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Christ in the Cross Medal - Medalla Cristo Crucificado Oro 14k Gold - Small Square

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