Whole Spices from Mexico

Whole spices make a big difference in your cooking, especially with Mexican cooking. Ground spices give your food and dishes a much purer and strong flavor.

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Whole Spices from Mexico

Using whole spices will not only give your food incredible flavors, they will bring it to life as well. There’s a variety of spices to choose for different dishes, and no matter what type of food you make spices will take them to the next level and to a “whole” new dimension.

Aztecs used a great number of herbs and spices to season their food. Among the most important the chili peppers, which came in a variety of species that included a great range of heat intensity with some being very mild and others very hot.

Whole spices stay fresher than ground ones, giving you room to grind how much you need to use. MexGrocer brings you a vast selection of whole spices so you can start giving your meals a “whole” new dimension of flavor.

Some examples of spices available at MexGrocer include Cinnamon Sticks – Canela so you can make cinnamon tea or use it as a spice for Mexican desserts. Whole Oregano is a very fragrant spice you can use for a delicious “Menudo” or tomato based dishes. Sesame Seeds - Ajonjoli so you can add them to saladas, or as a garnish for Mexican mole. Whole cumin, star anise (anis estrella), cloves, ginger root, bay leaves and piloncillo (panela or panocha) Cane Sugar to make delicious desserts.

El Guapo Spices – If you want to add flavor and enhance all your dishes El Guapo has an extensive selection of whole spices that will make your food taste like it was made by a gourmet chef: Whole Cloves - Clavo Entero, Whole Dried Shrimp and Hot Sauce, Alum Stone - Piedra de Alumbre, Tequesquite, Dandelion - Diente de Leon, and Charales Naturales. Use Tamarindo by El Guapo as a healthy snack, for a dish that requires tamarind or boil in water for a delicious tamarind drink.

To add a little spicy to fruits try Salted Apricots - Saladitos Q'Rico and Salted Apricots with Chili (5 units), just slice and orange in half, stick one saladito in the orange and squeeze a little bit in your mouth for an explosion of flavor. If you want you can eat them by themselves too.

Spices Kit

Mexican Herb and Spice Medley a “must have” for the serious or aspiring Mexican chef on your gift list or as a wonderful addition to your kitchen so you can start preparing food that tastes like it was made by a gourmet chef.

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