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Other Spices and Seasonings

Other Spices and Seasonings

Menudo Mix by El Sol de Mexico
Mejorana- Marjoran Herb by El Sol de Mexico
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Istafiate / Silver Sage Brush
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Chaya / Spinach Tree
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Romero / Rosemary
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Albacar / Basil
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Cola de Caballo / Horsetail / Shave Grass
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Palo Azul / Kidney Wood (Pack of 3)
Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning with Cumin
Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning with Pepper
Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning with Saffron
Sazon Goya without Annatto (sin Achiote)
Achiote - Annato Ground Seasoning by El Sol de Mexico
Gumbo File by El Sol de Mexico
Ground Dried Shrimp by El Sol de Mexico
Azafran en Flor - Safflower by El Sol de Mexico
Especias Mixtas - Mix Spices by El Sol de Mexico
Curry Powder by El Sol de Mexico
Anis en Grano - Anise Seeds by El Sol de Mexico
Ginger Ground- Gengibre o Ajenjible Molido by El Sol de Mexico
Garlic Salt by El Sol de Mexico - Sal de Ajo
Comino Entero Whole Cumin
Achiote Molido Annatto Ground
Achiote Entero Whole Annatto
ITZZA Sal Limon - Lemon Sea Salt
ITZZA Carne Asada
ITZZA Pollo Asado
ITZZA Fajita Mix
ITZZA Pico de Gallo
ITZZA Chile con Limon
ITZZA Menudo Mix
ITZZA Chile Quebrado
ITZZA Mexican Seasonings Gift Set
McCormick Guacamole Seasoning Mix (Pack of 3)
Tacos al Pastor Seasoning Mix by McCormick (Pack of 3)
McCormick Gourmet Chili Powder
McCormick Gourmet Paprika
McCormick Gourmet 100% Organic Oregano Leaves
Lawry's Taco Spices and Seasoning Mix (Pack of 3)
Ground Saigon Cinnamon by Kirkland Signature
Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning Lemon & Pepper
Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning HOT
Spices have been used as a food additive for flavor and color in all kinds of food. Without spices food would be bland and tasteless, its spices that give food its delicious flavor. Spices have been used for centuries, for many purposes, such as medicine, religious rituals, cosmetics, perfumery, or eating them as vegetables like garlic for example

Spices come in several forms: whole-dried, pre-ground dried, and obviously fresh. Generally spices are dried, and at MexGrocer you can find all the spices you were looking for from Goya, Via Nueva, Corona Real, to Casa Fiesta, and as medicine by Lucia’s Herbal Remedies.

Goya – “If its Goya, it has to be good” and Goya holds true, with their line of seasonings and Sazon Goya, all of your dishes will be delicious. Give your meat, poultry, pork and fish a brand new flavor by shaking on Goya’s Adobo seasoning before cooking! Try any of their eight varieties sold here at With Pepper, without pepper, with Lemon, with Cumin, Hot, Bitter Orange, Light with Pepper and Light without pepper. Goya sazon are high quality products, with the ability to change the flavor of any food and make a world’s difference with only one packet.

Via Nueva – Shake on Via Nueva seasoning on all your food and take it to a whole new level! Sprinkle on meat, poultry, pork, chicken and fish and made delicious dishes as well as fruit and vegetables for delicious treats. Via Nueva products include: oregano, mini picos taco mix, chile con limon, sal con limon and pico de gallo for those mangos, oranges and melons, guacamole mix, pescado mix, pollo asado, carne asada mix, menudo mix, and fajitamix. For similar seasonings also try Al Gusto seasonings Carne Asada and Salt with Lime.

Corona Real – Brings you a selection of spices to use in your kitchen to give your food a delicious taste and flavor. Chorizo chili mix will give you the authentic flavor of Mexican Chorizo every time whether you use lean beef, ground chicken or turkey. Taco seasoning mix made with chili peppers and onions will turn any meal into a fiesta with its flavor and heat. Turn an ordinary Menudo into an extraordinary one by adding Menudo Mix, Thicken your gumbo and give flavor to shrimp with Gumbo File, make your own pickled vegetables, sauces or marinades with Pickling Spices, make delicious broths, soups and stews with Chicken Broth Cubes. Make sure to decorate your cakes with Colaciones – Cakes Decorations for a beautiful cake everybody will love.

Casa Fiesta – Casa Fiesta brings you all authentic Mexican Prepared foods and ingredients, all available right here at Casa Fiesta provides you with authentic Tex-Mex taste that can be easily made right at home. Give soups, vegetables, meat, poultry, chicken and pork delicious flavor with Mexene chili powder seasoning, Canjun Shake Canister and Lemon Pepper Shake Canister. Make delicious chili with authentic Tex-Mex taste, right at home with Mexene Chile mix.

Big Acres – Brings you all natural rubs for your kitchen and the barbecue. Make healthy tasty meals all year round. Add Big Acres Perfect Poultry Spice & Rub, Big Acres Stellar Steak Spice & Rub, and Big Acres Fancy Fish Spice & Rub to your kitchen and see what flavors the best natural ingredients can produce. Also smoke any type of food indoors or outdoors any day of the week using the convenient and practical Savu Smoker Bag for Oven or Grill – Alder and Savu Smoker Bag for Oven or Grill – Hickory. Just Place meat, chicken, fish, pork, seafood, veggies – in the bag, seal it up, and place it on a preheated grill or oven for a delicious smoked meal.

Lucia’s Herbal Remedies – If you’re looking for a natural way to cure your ailments Lucia’s Herbal Remedies brings you her best herbs for natural teas to cure your body the natural way. You have kidney or bladder problems try Lucia’s Herbal Remedies Palo Azul / Kidney Wood, for Insomnia, stress, depression, diarrhea and sleepless nights try Lucia’s Herbal Remedies Albacar / Basil; to improve circulation or lowering blood pressure Lucia’s Herbal Remedies Romero / Rosemary will do the trick; to detoxify your body, naturally dissolve kidney stones and gallstones use Lucia’s Herbal Remedies Cola de Caballo / Horsetail / Shave grass; to relieve intestinal parasites, colic and diarrhea a cup of Lucia’s Herbal Remedies Istafiate / Silver Sage Brush is perfect; and for a highly nutritive plant packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and minoacids to increase your energy levels drink Lucia’s Herbal Remedies Chaya / Spinach Tree tea. To strengthen your immune system take Defensa Fuerte (Immune System Defense Formula), if you’re looking for something to help you burn fat fast try Formula Flaca Capsules (Fat Burner) and add a dietary supplement to improve your overall health with Super Nopal 14 – Herbal Dietary Supplement to get all the benefits of the Nopal (cactus) to help you combat many diseases. Remember to consult your physician before taking any tea or pills.

Don’t forget about Chilito Lindo Fruit Sauce and Chili Powder by Castillo salsas. Fruit Sauce is a scrumptious sauce that will add a sweet and sour flavor to all fruits, vegetables and snacks. Chili Powder is a tasty chili powder with a delicious combination of salt and lemon that will add flavor to many dishes and snacks, especially fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the taste and flavor of Chilito Lindo.

If you’re looking for a mix of spices, herbs and dried chiles try our Mexican Herb & Spice Medley. This medley is Ideal for introducing your friends and family to Mexican cooking and is a must for the serious or aspiring Mexican Chef on your gift list. Pack includes: 15 different types of herbs, spices and dried chiles. Make sure to pair this incredible medley with a cookbook to have the perfect present.


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