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Religious Gold Jewelry - Joyeria de Oro Religiosa Oro 14K Gold

Religious jewelry comes in different designs and styles such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, medals, rings and necklaces. Although they may appear to be simple jewelry these beautiful pieces are an important aspect of the Catholic faith, they hold a significant spiritual meaning for the wearer since it is a symbol of one’s faith and closeness to God.

Crucifixes, Rosaries and Saint Medals are the most commonly worn forms of religious jewelry, since they are important remainders of faith and are used in religious devotion such as meditation and prayer, as well as protect the wearer from harm.

Crucifixes are an important symbol and reminder of Christ’s passion and sacrifice for salvation and forgiveness of sins; it is also an important representation of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. They are worn as necklaces, crafted and attached to earrings, rings and bracelets.

Rosaries are an important statement of faith and are used for prayer. They are worn around the neck or on clothing; there are also rosary bracelets and rings that make it possible for a devout Catholic to pray at any time and place. A Rosary is a very special tradition of the Catholic faith, that helps the wearer remain close to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The prayer beads are used to count a series of prayers starting with the Our Father followed by ten Hail Mary’s and a single prayer of the Glory Be to the Father, these sequences are known as a decade and each one is accompanied by a meditation from the Mysteries of the Rosary that describe the life and passion of Jesus Christ.

Saint Medals depict the image of a Catholic saint, they are worn to remind the wearer to follow and imitate the example of the holy lives of the Saints. The Saints are like a beloved family member or friend who loves and looks out for you, just as they do when they intercede with God through our prayer, and that’s what the Saint Medals represent a reminder of faith and love.

Miraculous Medals and Pins are also a very important symbol of prayer and faith, the Blessed Virgin Mary promises blessings and protection to those who wear the medal and pray for her intercession. It represents the power of prayer and faith, as well as reminding the wearer to remain close to God and the Virgin Mary.

Religious jewelry is an elegant and beautiful way to remain close to God and remind you of the importance of prayer and meditation. Are you looking for a special gift for a loved one or for yourself? Give the gift of faith through our wonderful Religious gold jewelry, excellent for baptisms, first communions, weddings and all occasions. Check out our gold rosaries, scapulars (escapularios), crucifixes, pins and rings.

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