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We almost always light candles on because we have some necessity or the need to ask for a favor. Religious Candles or Seven Day Candles are used as means for prayer, devotion, meditation, ritual, healing and protection. The candles are a visually appealing way to remind us of God and his infinite love for us and how through prayer he will aid us in our tribulations. All 7 day Candles will last 7 days and they come with a prayer on the back in English and Spanish. We have also children’s versions of the candles so they too learn to pray to God by lighting a candle in their time of need. This section contains a wide assortment of the special devotional candles available at, for you to choose from. Below is a Glossary of Candles for Christ, Mary, Angels, Saints and others. By reading their intention it will assist you in choosing the right candle(s) for yourself and your intentions. The remaining of this article provides a unique glossary of the different religious candles.

Religious Candles Glossary

St Jude Thaddeus – Saint of the impossible and hopeless. Burn to ask for his help in hospitals and in desperate situations. For this reason, St. Jude is often prayed to in rough times, when you feel lost and that it’s hard to find your way to hope and light. He will give you the strength to come back to God.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Protector of the poor and our merciful mother. Light a candle to ask for her aid in any matters. “Am I not your Mother? Do not fear, Do not be distressed, Am I not here with you who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection?”

Saint Joseph – Patron Saint of working people and real state. Burn candle for protection over your home and family. Also if you are looking for a job and need help selling your house.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus – Brings multitudes of blessings. Burn for daily blessings and for prayers to be answered quickly.

Saint Anthony of Padua – Ask the "Saint of Miracles" to assist with your goals, for special favors, help finding a lost love, and to help you find lost or stolen articles.

Saint Michael Archangel – Pray for deliverance from one's enemies, for victory and peace and protection against the devil.

Guardian Angel – Ask your guardian angel for protection over your home and family. To help you restore your afflicted spirit and help you rid yourself of all your troubles.

San Martin Caballero – San Martin Caballero is a symbol of luck. He’s the patron saint of strangers who will stop to help. Light this candle to seek faith, forgiveness, and release from guilt for you past sins, and to bring serenity and confidence to your soul.

Miraculous Mother – Light candle to ask our holy mother to bestow upon us the strength to perform our daily duties.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Light candle to ask for Comfort, Confidence, and Assistance for any matter.

San Martin de Porres – For Aid to those who suffer from racial injustice, candle can be burned to ask for help in all matters, for the sick and animals.

The Holy Child of Atocha – His flame brings freedom from punishment, sin and guilt. Light candle to petition the gracious holy infant of Atocha for any favor.

Siete Potencias – Light up for success and help with difficult problems. For fast luck, uncrossing and peaceful home, better fortune in money and business

Santa Barbara – She strengthens faith and protects from all evil, can be burned to petition for love. To pray to Santa Barbara and ask for protection against the devil and sin, light the Santa Barbara candle.

The Holy Family – Light up to ask for protection and to bless your family and keep them safe from any harm.

Just Judge Jesus – Light up to ask for protection in war from enemies, harm or blood spilt, and for a just judge or help in any legal matter.

St. Lazarus - San Lazaro – Saint Lazarus is the patron Saint of the poor and he’s venerated because he can bring wealth and many blessings. He represents the miracle of rebirth, so if you’re feeling sad, dispirited, and depressed or just feel like everything is wrong and nothing is going right, then go ahead and light Saint Lazarus 7 day candle while you meditate or pray for his aid in your problems.

Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos – Light up to ask the Virgin for her aid, if a family member is going to undergo a serious surgery or just falls ill.

Our Lady of Carmen – Burn to celebrate Our Lady of Carmen and ask for her help in any matters and to make your most desired wishes come true.

Divina Providencia – Light to ask The Father, the Son, & the Holy Ghost for their daily holy blessings.

Jesus Christ Crucified & The Divine Face of Jesus Candles – Burn candle to ask God for his blessing in your every day life.

Children’s Candles As with any candle do not leave unattended, and don’t let children play with matches. They have the childlike images of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Jude, Our Lady of Carmen, Our Lady of Peace, St. Anthony and the Guardian Angel with fun colored backgrounds in a small glass. So children can pray for protection and guidance with the help of these beautiful candles.

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