Cerillos Clasicos La Central Carterita - Matches per Book - 50/20

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Cerillos Clasicos La Central Carterita - Matches per Book
Brand: Clasicos
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Clasicos Carterita Cerillos La Central - Book Matches 50/20

Contains 50 Matchbooks (Carteritas) with 20 matches per book. 1000 Matches Total

History of La Central Matches in Mexico


In 1805, a new process to obtain fire was developed. Through the chemical composition of two elements, phosphorus and sulfur, the ignition was achieved and although this composition was rather aggressive, it produced the much sought fire for the user.

This ignition process took several years of research and development in order to produce the marvel of the modern match. To rub it against sandpaper is all that is required to light the match in a paused, controlled and perfect manner.


In 1885, the brothers Leon and Manuel Mendizabal, partnering with the brothers Jose and Pedro de Prida, established in the port city of Veracruz, a match-making company that was named Compañía Industrial de Fosforos y Cerillos.

Due to the location of the factory very close to the Veracruz railroad central station- the factory was usually called "La Central"; The Central.

In 1940 Mr. Daniel Montull the company's General Director, saw the introduction of an innovative matchbox that was called "Clasicos de Lujo" (Luxury Classics). With the passage of time and due to its perfect definition, this product was to be known as the most important match of the market. This popular product was designed with pictures of the Venus of Milo and the Parthenon on its cover along with the traditional locomotive. On its backside and in order to offer a cultural incentive, an interesting collection of masterpieces of world-renowned painters was presented.Through the years, new technologies and function-specific products with functional advantages have been developed such as matches for smokers, for the kitchen, for the country laborers, and for craftsmen and workshops in general.

In 1956 Mr. Jose Barroso Chavez was designated as General Director. He instituted a mentality of modern management to the company through the mechanization of the productive processes, achieving important changes and better results for the company.

In 1999 The Compañía Cerillera la Central, S.A. de C.V. moved its two main industrial factories in Mexico City to the municipality of Atitalaquia in the State of Hidalgo. Today, The Compañía Cerillera la Central, continues to develop new technologies that undoubtedly represent efficiency improvements in its industrial processes, which will allow innovations within the company's different brands of matches.

Cerillos Clasicos de Carterita 50/20 50 Carteritas con 20 cerillos cada una

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Cerillos Clasicos La Central Carterita - Matches per Book

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