Veladora Virgencita del Carmen - Cuida a mis Abuelitos - Our Lady of Carmen Candle (Pack of 6) - 5 1/2 inch candles

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Veladora Virgencita del Carmen - Cuida a mis Abuelitos – Our Lady of Carmen – 1 Unit

This is a children’s votive candle from La Mexicana, featuring an infant image of Our Lady of Carmen within a green colored background. This candle is small in size, perfect so children of all ages can burn their own candle, that way they get to know Our Lady of Carmen as they pray to her to take care of their grandparents, as well as ask for guidance, and protection. This small candle is a wonderful addition to let your children be a part of prayers, decorating your altar, your home or your church with their own candle. Glass candle is made of vegetable wax.

  • Prayer to Our Lady of Carmen on the back of the candle.
  • Candle is scented.
  • Makes an excellent gift or as first communion favors.
  • Do not allow wick trimming to accumulate in wax pool, make sure to place candle on temperature safe surface.
  • Place on temperature safe surface.
  • Burn with in sight and keep away from things that can catch fire.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Container will be hot when candle is lit.
  • Made in Mexico.

Prayer on the back:

Little Virgin of Carmen, Our Mother, I ask that you never forsake us nor night, nor day.

Little Virgin of Carmen – Take Care of my Grandparents

Little Virgin, I ask that you take care and bless my grandparents a lot; protect them from all evil; Give them health and wellness so we can keep having fun and loving each other very much. Amen.

Veladora Virgencita del Carmen - Virgencita del Carmen – Cuida a Mis Abuelitos

Esta es una veladora votiva para ninos marca La Mexicana, que presenta una hermosa imagen de La Virgen del Carmen nina con fondo color anaranjado. La vela es de tamano pequeno para que los ninos de todas las edades prendan su propia vela, rezen, a la Virgen del Carmen. Esta pequena vela es una excelente adicion para decorar tu altar, tu casa, sala, recamara o tu iglesia y sirve tambien para incluir a los ninos y ensenarlos a resarle a nuestra Senora del Carmen para pedir por en especial por sus abuelitos, asi como su famila, padres, escuela y para pedirle por ellos mismos. La vela esta hecha de cera vegetal.

  • Oracion a la Virgen del Carmen al reverzo de la vela.
  • Vela con Aroma
  • Es ideal para regalo o como recuerdos de primera comunion.
  • No dejes que se acumulen los cortes de la mecha en la cera derretida.
  • Pon la vela en una superficie de temperatura segura.
  • Prende a la vista, manten la vela alejada de cosas que puedan incendiarse facilmente.
  • Manten fuera del alcanze de los ninos y mascotas.
  • El recipiente estara caliente cuando la vela sea prendida.
  • Hecha en Mexico
  • Oracion de Acompanamiento:

    Virgencita del Carmen, Madre Nuestra, te pido que nunca nos desampares ni de noche, ni de dia.


    Virgencita, te pido que cuides y bendigas mucho a mis abuelitos; protegelos de todo mal; brindales salud y bienestar para que sigamos divirtiendonos y queriendonos mucho. Amen.

    Product Reviews
    Veladora Virgencita del Carmen - Cuida a mis Abuelitos - Our Lady of Carmen Candle (Pack of 6) - 5 1/2 inch candles
    5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
    NW Indiana (near Chicago)
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Great Item =0) Hard to find anywhere else
    April 5, 2012

    It's very easy for me to buy veladoras where I live, but the 'Virgencita' images of cartoon-like kid drawings on candles are almost impossible to find. The price is reasonable given their 'rarity'. I bought these as Communion favors. Shipping/packaging was excellent - I ordered over 20 candles (same candles, different images); not one was broken.
    Adorable images on candles; the glass design is sturdy and allows for reuse- which is not possible with traditional (tall, cylindrical) veladoras, which must be thrown out after use
    Very Minor: there is a round sticker that says 'con Aroma' and on most candles (28 out of 30) they are behind the image of the Virgen/Saint. This is esthetic and keeps the buyer from having to peel off the sticker. However, once the candle is lit, the sticker can be clearly seen juxtaposed with the image. Sticker can be seen on Product Picture, off to the side of the image.


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