Royal Flan - Caramel Custard (Pack of 3) - 5.5 oz

Picture of Flan - Caramel Custard by Royal - 5.5 oz (Pack of 3) - Item No. 3336
Royal Flan - Caramel Custard (Pack of 3)Royal Flan - Caramel Custard (Pack of 3)
Brand:  Royal
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Royal Flan - Caramel Custard (Pack of 3)
Brand: Royal
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Flan - Caramel Custard by Royal - 5.5 oz

Royal Flan with Caramel Dessert MixMix for Mexico's signature dessert: egg-rich custard with dark café caramel. Product manufactured by Jel Sert Company in the USA.

The rich taste of Royal Flan Caramel Custard is available in small serving size. A separate pouch with caramel sauce is included in each package. Caramel custard mix with dark cafe caramel.

To prepare:

1. Dissolve the content mix into 4 cups of cold milk (or room temperature). Whole milk is recommended.
2. Warm up the mix at medium heat, turning and mixing until it brings to a boil. Then take the heat to low for just one more minute.
3. Without letting it cool, pour the flan into one or more molds with the caramel at the bottom (included in the package).
4. Place into the refrigerator until ready, trying not to move the mix during the process.

Royal Flan con sabor a Caramelo 156g

Mezcla para postre flan con caramelo obscuro.

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Royal Flan - Caramel Custard Pack of 3

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