Fischer & Wieser Papaya Lime Serrano Sauce - 15.75 oz

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Fischer & Wieser Papaya Lime Serrano Sauce
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This delicious but very sweet sauce would be great over vanilla ice cream, or really over most dessert items. It's too sweet for everyday use, so think of it as a specialty sauce. Sugar is the first ingredient listed and serranos the last, so that tells you what it is--a dessert sauce.
Fischer & Wieser Papaya Lime Serrano Sauce15.75 oz Why not take a tropical mealtime vacation? Fischer & Wieser's Papaya Lime Serrano Sauce adds a little tang with papayas and lime juice,and a little zing with Serrano peppers that will take your dinner south of the border. Relax with a tiny umbrella in your drink while savoring the flavor of a fresh and feisty fruit salad; then tantalize your taste buds with the catch of the day just by adding this sauce to salmon or any white fish. Enjoy! Gluten Free.

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Dip: jalapeno poppers Grill: white fish or shrimp Mix in: fruit salad

Salsa de Chile Serrano con Papaya y Limon marca Fischer & Wieser,/b>

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Fischer & Wieser Papaya Lime Serrano Sauce

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