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Dried Herbs and Teas

Dried Herbs and Teas

Hibiscus Flowers - Flor de Jamaica
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Yerbaniz / Mint Marigold
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Istafiate / Silver Sage Brush
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Chaya / Spinach Tree
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Romero / Rosemary
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Albacar / Basil
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Cola de Caballo / Horsetail / Shave Grass
Lucia's Herbal Remedies Palo Azul / Kidney Wood (Pack of 3)
McCormick Hibiscus Tea Caffeine Free (1.23 Oz.)
McCormick Black Tea - Camellia Sinesis (1.32 Oz.)
McCormick Good Night Tea Herbal Infusion(1.32 Oz.)
McCormick Tea with Natural Antioxidants Herbal Infusion (1.32 Oz.)
McCormick Tea Complete Balance Herbal Infusion (1.32 Oz.)
McCormick Tea Natural Lightness Herbal Infusion (1.32 Oz.)
McCormick Linden Flowers Tea - Tilia Spp - Caffeine Free (0.89 Oz.)
McCormick Seven Blossoms Tea - Caffeine Free (1.24 Oz.)
McCormick Green Tea (1.23 Oz.)
McCormick Green Tea and Mango (1.23 Oz.)
McCormick Green Tea and Passion Fruit (1.23 Oz.)
McCormick Chamomile Tea Caffeine Free - Manzanilla (1.06 Oz.)
McCormick Lemongrass Tea Caffeine Free (0.89 Oz.)
McCormick Spearmint Tea Caffeine Free (0.89 Oz.)
Arnica Herb Tea by El Sol de Mexico
Parsley by El Sol de Mexico
Chamomile (Manzanilla) by El Sol de Mexico
Barba de Elote Herb Tea by El Sol de Mexico
Una de Gato - Cat's Claw by El Guapo
Ground Mexican Oregano by El Sol de Mexico
Salvia - Sage Herb by El Sol de Mexico
Spearmint - Yerba Buena by El Sol de Mexico
Linaza - Flax Seed by El Sol de Mexico
Eucalyptus Leaves - Hojas de Eucalipto
Thyme Leaves - Tomillo
Senna Leaves - Hojas de Zen
Mugwort Herb - Estafiate
Horehound - Manrubio
Epazote - Mexican Herb
Mullein Flowers - Gordolobo
Rhamnus Purse - Cascara Sagrada
Cuachalalate Herbs
Cola de Caballo Herb Tea by El Sol de Mexico
Cuasia - Quasia Herb Tea by El Sol de Mexico - Acacia
Seven Blossoms - Siete Azahares by El Sol de Mexico
Cancerina by El Sol de Mexico
Prodigiosa Herbs - Brickelia by El Sol de Mexico
Ajenjo Herbs - Wormwood by El Sol de Mexico
Salvia - Sage Herb by El Sol de Mexico
Boldo Leaves by El Sol de Mexico
Sauco - Elder Flowers by El Sol de Mexico
Tila Estrella by El Sol de Mexico
Valeriana - Valerian Root by El Sol de Mexico
Linden Flowers - Hojas de Tila El Sol de Mexico
Gordo Lobo - Mullein Herbs by El Sol de Mexico
Damiana Herbs by El Sol de Mexico
Mejorana- Marjoran Herb by El Sol de Mexico
Hojasen - Senna Leaves by El Sol de Mexico
Cuachalalate by El Sol de Mexico
Cascara Sagrada - Rhamnus Purse by El Sol de Mexico
Estafiate Mugwort Herb by El Sol de Mexico
Rosa de Castilla Rose Buds by El Sol de Mexico
Eucalypto - Eucalyptus by El Sol de Mexico
Te de Tila - Linden Flowers Tea
Te de Yerbabuena - Spearmint Tea Bags
Te de Boldo Tea Bag
Te de Manzanilla - Chamomile Tea Bag
Te de Manzanilla con Anis Chamomile Anise Tea
Te de Siete Azahares - Seven Blossoms Tea
Te de Limon - Lemon Tea Bag
Pasiflora Herbs Pasiflorina by El Sol de Mexico
McCormick Cinnamon Apple Tea
Te de Limon Lemon Grass Tea
Cola de Caballo Shave Grass
Barba de Elote Corn Silk
Arnica Flower External Use Only
Manzanilla Chamomile Flowers
Pasiflora Passion Flowers Herbs
Yerba Buena Spearmint Leaves
Hot Taco Mix by El Guapo
Supremo Te Aguita Flaca papaya
Supremo Te Aguita Femenina
Supreno Te Buen Descanso
Supremo Te de Manzana y Canela
Supremo Te de Manzanilla
Supremo Te de Manzanilla con Miel
Supremo Te Aguita Energizante
Chia Seeds by Bob's Red Mill
Palo Azul / Kidney Wood by El Sol de Mexico (Pack of 3)
Guanabana Leaves - Hojas de Guanabana - Natural Herb Tea
Never Hungover Dietary Supplement Small Bottle (Pack of 12)
Never Too Hungover Dietary Supplement Large Bottle - One Unit
McCormick Gourmet 100% Organic Oregano Leaves
Mexican Oregano by El Sol de Mexico
Whole Oregano by El Sol de Mexico
Never Too Hungover
Te Chino del Dr. Ming Herbal Tea
Dr Ming Pineapple Tea 100 % Natural Te de Piña 21 g
Dried Herbs Infusions and Teas at

Herbs and teas have been around since the beginning of times, used to cure diseases and ailments as well as for culinary purposes. Aztecs used herbs in everything in their cooking, to treating diseases, that they were either minimal or very severe, to use them for spiritual purposes. Some of those herbs are still being used today to help the sick and give Mexican cuisine its distinctive flavor. Herbs are plants valued for their flavor, medicinal, scent or other qualities. Herbs can have a variety of uses including spiritual purposes, culinary and as medicinal purposes.

MexGrocer brings you a wide selection of teas, dried herbs and natural medicines that can be taken at home for curing minimal ailments, always exercising caution, not exceeding the recommended intake and consulting your physician before taking any teas.

Dry Herbs for cooking – Herbs have been a part of Mexican culture enriching the flavor of all Mexican dishes. MexGrocer brings you the best brands so you can prepare delicious dishes at home. Use Ground Mexican Oregano and Mexican Oregano by Corona Real to give your dishes a rich earthy flavor. Add Oregano to a nice warm bowl of Menudo for a delicious meal. To give beans a delicious flavor and help with the gassiness they produce add a leaf of Epazote – Mexican Herb by El Guapo. Epazote can be used so season various dishes besides beans, like soups, salads, and quesadillas. It also goes well in tortilla soups, fillings and toppings, moles, quesadillas, huitlacoche, soups, and stews. Use Thyme leaves – Tomillo El Guapo or Thyme Leaves by Corona Real in cooking, to flavor meats, stews and soups. While flavorful, Thyme does not over power and blends with other spices and herbs. As a medicine Thyme can be used as an Antiseptic, expectorant, to relieve soar throats, constipation, cough, digestive disorders, diarrhea and intestinal parasites. Parsley by Corona Real is often used as a garnish on potato dishes, on rice dishes, on fish, fried chicken, lamb or goose, steaks, meat or vegetable stews, all types of salsas, dressings for meats, tortillas, and salads. As a medicinal herb, Parsley can be used for digestion, helps in the release of gases, and opens the appetite. Parsley is also good as a topical remedy for bruises. Next time you have a bruise, crush up some parsley leaves and apply straight on the bruise. Try Lucias Herbal Remedies Albaca – Basil and Basil – Albahaca by Corona Real for insomnia, stress, depression, diarrhea, and excellent for an infant's restful sleep and in the kitchen to add flavor to your dishes, basil should be added at the last moment as cooking destroys its flavor. Herbal Teas – Try our other delicious herbal teas and receive their wonderful health benefits from brands Corona Real, Lucias Herbal Remedies and El Guapo for those minor ailments and pains. The teas are not guaranteed to cure severe illness so it is recommended to consult your physician before taking this herbal remedies.

McCormick – Having a cup of tea is more than just a beverage or an infusion; it’s a custom not only in china, Japan or people in England, and it is now consumed as a warm or cold beverage all around the world. MexGrocer brings you a wide and exclusive selection of McCormick teas with familiar flavors. Make sure you try them to feel and enjoy their healthy benefits.

Natural Medicine – Wheter you want to lose weight, take a vitamin supplement, energize your body, you need to detox, or are in need of a natural laxative try all the pills and tea products by Malabar. Other products to help you lose weight, reduce stress, energize and detox are: Green Tea with Hibiscus - Dietea - Bebida de Te Verde con Jamaica, Super Nopal 14 - Herbal Dietary Supplement, Formula Flaca Capsules (Fat Burner), Super Nopal 14 - Herbal Dietary Supplement, Alcachofa Herbal Tea Infusion (0.85 Oz.), Stress Tea - SINSTRESS Herbal Tea to reduce stress - tea bags, Super Detox Tropical Flavored Drink, Lipovitan Sustained Energy Formula Supplement with B Vitamin 3.3 oz. - Six Pack and Te Chino del Dr. Ming Herbal Tea.

Cold & Flu – To help maintain a healthy Immune system and keep those annoying colds and flu’s away take Defensa Fuerte (Immune System Defense Formula) and Cough Syrup - Gripte Cough Syrup by Malabar - Jarabe para la Tos. If you don’t like to give your children those medicines full of chemicals, all natural is the way to go with Cough Syrup - Gripte Cough Syrup by Malabar - Jarabe para la Tos and to keep your children’s immune system strong give them Antigripal - Vitosos marca Malabar - Antigripal con Vitamin C gummies and to keep them healthy give them a vitamin supplement with Multivitamins Vitosos by Malabar - MultiVitaminico Gummies.

If you’re looking for a mix of spices, herbs and dried chiles try our Mexican Herb & Spice Medley. This medley is Ideal for introducing your friends and family to Mexican cooking and is a must for the serious or aspiring Mexican Chef on your gift list. Pack includes: 15 different types of herbs, spices and dried chiles. Make sure to pair this incredible medley with a cookbook to have the perfect present.


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