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Color Candles

Candles represent the light of Christ, and they are used in the religious ceremonies of many religions, and other forms of light like fire are also used. Celebrating an event, capturing the environment, celebrating a religious liturgy and prefiguring a romantic atmosphere are well worth moments to light a candle. Lighting a candle is not trivial act; we almost always light them on because of something or to ask for something.

Candles are a very powerful symbol for the human consciousness, it’s that something in that flickering tiny point of light, existing and resisting in a dark and empty world which speaks and sends a message to the deepest part of the human soul. Through candles religions symbolize their faith and canalize their prayers. This section contains a varied selection of colored candles you can find at, so you can light them on for the saint you’re most devoted to and to decorate your home or altar.

Color Candles (7 day candles)

Candle burning brings hope, peace of mind, consolation, and inspiration. Besides being used for their decorative value, colored candles have a more meaningful significance. The various colors in candles can have a great influence over people’s thoughts, health and actions. To have success when burning colors one must make the proper choice of color. Miracles can be produced when prayer, faith and burning candles are combined. So choose your favorites to decorate and lighten your home or altar.

White – Can be used for a plethora of things, it’s suitable for any ritual and can be used in place of any other candle. White candle’s repel negativity, bring spiritual strength, purity, truth and bring peace. Provides protection and heals emotions. Use white candles for respect, innocence, wholeness, outgoing, cleansing, generosity, sincerity, spirituality, expansion, prophesy and clairvoyance.

Red – Use it for strength, passion, vitality, sex, courage, warmth, fertility, energy, attraction, fast action, magnetism, potency, desire, lust, action, blood, physical strength, power. It will strengthen magnetism in a ritual.

Green – Light for wealth, money, marriage, balance, new job, employment, abundance, financial success, health, good luck, fertility, stimulate growth, harvest, love, and nature appreciation.

Pink – Is the color of femininity, friendship, love, romance, and caring, purest form of love, unconditional love, universal love, affection, devotion, faith and tenderness, sensitivity, spiritual love without sex, healing, forming partnerships, connotation, pleasantness, spiritual healing, peace, and honor. Pink is designed to achieve a purpose in rituals and attract attention, enhances joyful and lively conversations.

Yellow – Burn in a ritual to strengthen the imagination and concentration. Yellow is the color of intellect, wisdom, concentration, mental powers, energy and inspiration, retention of memory, endurance, action, cheerfulness, sunny disposition, honor, stability and security, studying, memory, intelligence, logic.

Blue – Light for truth, peace, wisdom, cooling, calm, healing, loosing weight, devotion, harmony, meditation, patience, contentment, inspiration, health and happiness, idealism, loyalty, communication, understanding, protection and luck. Its used so we can connect with all of our relations.

The red, yellow, blue, green and pink candles will make a stupendous addition to the altar or home. They are unscented which makes them ideal for you to use them to give your home a warm atmosphere or add anointing oils for your rituals.

For the next 4th of July light an American Flag Candle - 7 day candle in remembrance of America’s birthday and for those who gave their lives so America could have freedom. The 4th of July candle is ideal for an altar or home.

Light up your life; illuminate your home, work or ritual space with a White 50-hour jar candle. They are safer then votives or taper candles and because they come in a 3 ¾ jar which makes it easier to clean. It has a burn time of over 50 hours. Buy a Candle of Hope at to support the treatment for the less fortunate children with cancer of the Centro Oncologico Pediatrico (COP) in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. They make beautiful gifts and you’re helping a wonderful cause at the same time.

Remember burn candles in protected, heat resistance surfaces. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire, keep away from pets and children and never leave burning candles unattended.


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