Zumba Goma Mango - 20 pieces

Picture of Zumba Goma Mango 20 pieces - Item No. 03885-01522
Brand:  Zumba Pica
Item#: 03885-01522UPC: 703885015229
Price $7.95
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Zumba Goma Mango
Brand: Zumba Pica
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Brand: Zumba Pica
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Zumba Goma Mango is a mango gummy covered with an artificial flavored tamarind candy. Bag is 15.5 oz (each piece is 22 grams) Mild heat level.

Zumba Goma Mango son gomitas sabor mango cubierta de dulce sabor tamarindo artificial marca Zumba Pica.

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Zumba Goma Mango

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