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A tortilla warmer is used for the purpose of keeping tortillas warm. You can wrap ingredients more easily in warm tortillas, because they are softer and flexible; which is perfect for tacos, burritos and fajitas. The mellow taste of warm tortillas blends perfectly with the food you put in it. Although the styles, textures, designs and colors vary among tortilla warmers, they all have the same function: keep tortillas warm.

In order for your Mexican meal to be complete you need warm tortillas to go along with it and for that to happen you need an authentic Mexican Tortilla warmer. A Tortilla warmer is a container where tortillas and similarly sized breads, such as flatbreads, biscuits, pita, and pancakes are kept fresh, soft, and warm when served at the table. proudly brings you a broad collection of tortilla warmers made of fabric, plastic, handmade, Styrofoam and the traditional palm or wicker baskets, so you can keep your tortillas warm and give your table a Mexican style at the same time.

Keep your quesadillas, gorditas, bread rolls, pancakes, pita, empanadas, and waffles warmer longer with La Tortilla Oven Red or Brown tortilla sturdy fabric warmers, as well as La Tortilla Oven Fabric warmers with colorful, Mexican designs and motifs. If you’re looking for traditional palm or wicker baskets made in Mexico, they will keep your tortillas hot. Choose from Palm Tortilla Warmer Basket (Hat Style), Painted Wicker Warmer, Palm Tortilla Warm Basket warmers, Wicker Tortilla Warmer to Burned Wicker Tortilla Warmer and Small Palm Tortilla Warmer Basket are for you. They blend perfectly with any type of kitchen and table, with their wicker fiber on the outside and floral handmade designs on the lid they not only keep your tortillas warmer and soft, but they are convenient and easy to store. Give your tortillas and table a Mexican look with The Embroidered Cotton Tortilla Warmer made with 100% cotton by Mexican Artisans. It will keep your tortillas, pancakes, and pita soft and warm. If what you want is something simple, not elaborate, and at a very convenient price for your restaurant or home, then the Tortilla Warmer Foam is the right one for you. It will keep your tortillas soft and warm, while it fits your budget.

Make a fun dinner with Taco Tray; it holds six hard or soft tacos, and has 5 compartments to hold your favorite toppings like shredded cheese, lettuce, other with your favorite salsa, beans and guacamole. Make your tacos without a mess; the tacos stay upright, while the other food stays in the trays.

What’s a Mexican meal without warm tortillas? Incomplete, dull and boring! comes to your rescue with two excellent gift packages you can get for yourself; friends, family and the aspiring chef in your shopping list; choose your favorite from Tortilla Lovers gift pack and “La Cocinera” Mexican food cooking utensils. The Tortilla Lovers pack includes the Tortilla Lovers Cookbook so you’ll be able to make a bunch of delicious, innovative tortilla-based dishes and surprise your friends and family. The pack also includes Maseca masa mix, tortilla press (tortillero) and a 17” comal so you can make your very own handmade tortillas at home; and to keep them soft and warm the pack includes a Styrofoam tortilla warmer. The “La Cocinera” Mexican food cooking utensils pack comes with a tortilla press (tortillero) to flatten the masa to make perfectly round and thing tortillas, a large comal (griddle) to cook your freshly pressed tortillas and blister chiles to make a spicy, and flavorful salsa in the molcajete that is also included in the pack.

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