Zote Pink Laundry Soap Bar (Pack of 4) - 7 oz

Picture of Zote Pink Laundry Soap (Pack of 4) - Item No. 12005-00572
Zote Pink Laundry Soap Bar (Pack of 4)Zote Pink Laundry Soap Bar (Pack of 4)
Brand:  Zote
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Zote Pink Laundry Soap Bar (7 oz each) Pack of 4

"Jabonzote" in Spanish means big soap, Jabon Zote! Zote is high quality laundry soap and it may confidently be used for all family clothes. Made with coconut oil and tallow, Zote's shape and size make it great to wash your clothes by hand. Zote contains natural ingredients, same as the one used for soaps, which are non abrasive, making it safe to wash you delicate garments, that can easily get damaged in the washing machine. For a better clean, pre-wash your shirt necks, and cuffs to remove those hard to get out stains with Jabon Zote and get more whiteness. Zote will leave your clothes with a fragant and fresh lemon like scent for days.

Jabon Zote Rosa - Zote Pink Laundry Soap Bar (7 oz each) Pack of 4Zote es un jabon para lavanderia de alta calidad y puede ser utilizado con confianza para la ropa de toda la familia. Zote esta hecho con coco y sebo de res, el tamano y forma del jabon Zote lo hacen ideal para lavar su ropa a mano. Zote contiene ingredientes naturales que no son abrasivos y hacen que sea seguro el lavar prendas delicadas que se pueden danarse facilmente en la lavadora. Para un mejor lavado, pre lave los cuellos de las camisas y punos para remover esas manchas dificiles de quitar con jabon Zote. Zote da mas blancura. Jabon Zote dejara su ropa con un fresco y oloroso aroma a limon por dias.

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Zote Pink Laundry Soap Bar (Pack of 4) - 7 oz
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5 Stars
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August 13, 2013

I use this soap for making homemade laundry detergent. It works wonderfully and saves a bit of money on laundry. The pink smells nice. My dad works for a pig processing plant so he gets lard in his clothes, this bar of soap helps and makes it bearable to wash away the junk. It doesn't work miracles to bring his clothes back to brand new but I think his clothes are past that already. I like this soap.
Works really well in homemade laundry detergent Helps a lot to remove grease and grime from clothes Smells nice (Pink)


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