Zest Bath Soap

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Zest Bath Soap

“For the first time in your life you can feel really clean.” That was the premise in which Zest, Zest is a brand name, or trademark, which was introduced in 1952 by Procter & Gamble. Zest soap bar was the first in the market to offer customers the benefits of a rich deodorant lather that rinses away thoroughly without leaving sticky soap film on the body, tubs or showers whether in soft or hard water.

Zest was introduced in Mexico in 1976 with the Aqua green version. In 1986 it becomes a leader brand in the market. It became very famous with the taglines “You’re not Zestfully Clean” and “Get Zestfully Clean” all throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Also in order to broaden the Zest line and appeal to new customers, Zest introduced both the Zest bar soap and Zest body wash in different scents in the late 90’s. Then in 1996, Zest introduced a line of body washes.

Today, Zest is the most important brand of toiletries soap in the Market in Mexico. In July of 1996 all the versions of Zest where re-launched with a new formula, new packages and new publicity campaign. Today Zest is “Mas fresco que nunca” (Fresher than ever). The benefits of the new formula are a soap bar that is more soft from its first use, and with a more fresh and clean aroma. Zest continues offering the same benefits as always: rich lather, rinses away thoroughly and doesn’t leave a sticky soap film like other soaps do.

Zest comes in five versions, they all have the same formula and development. The only difference between them is the color and aroma. The versions include: Aqua, Citrus Sport Amarillo, Neutro Fresco Blanco, Herbal Verde and Energia Pura Azul.

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