Sidral AGA de Manzana

Sidral AGA de Manzana

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13.5 fl oz

Sidral AGA de Manzana Apple Mexican Drink

Sidral AGA is a refreshing apple drink, made with authentic apple juice and natural cane sugar. Sidral AGA is manufactured by Consorcio AGA which was founded by Mr. Abelardo Garcia Arce. With a history of more than 60 years, Embotelladora AGA is one the third biggest soft drink producer company in Mexico.

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on April of 1892, Mr. Abelardo Garcia Arce was a nice person, a natural entrepreneur with initiative who listened to options and accepted suggestions. He started working at the age of 22 with his brother Carlos at his bottling company in the Santurio Neighborhood. By 1930 the society between Mr. Abelardo and his brother ended so he founded a company dedicated to the production and distribution of ice under the name of Tepeyac Hielo y Refrigeracion.

The first AGA bottler facility saw light on April 8th, 1948 in Guadalajara, which owes its name the initials of Abelardo Garcia Arce. AGA was later merged with an old bottling facility by the name of La Pureza. With this fusion the new soft drink bottling company was named Embotelladora AGA S.A de C.V. and with it came the birth of its leader beverage: Sidral AGA.

On January 9, 1953 marked the beginning of a big expansion, with the building of a new facility in Jacona, Michoacan that was planned in 1949. The name of the new facility was Embotelladora AGA de Michoacan.

In order to bottle pure water and soda in glass gallons new equipment was acquired in 1960. The soda and water bottled in glass gallons was named Agua Ultra-Pura which was later changed to Agua Pureza AGA.

AGA conquered the market in Nayarit early in the 1950ís with the construction of the bottling facility AGA de Nayarit. That same year, Embotelladora AGA del Bajio started operations on May 22, 1954, Embotelladora AGA de San Luis Potosi started operations on September 1st and Embotelladora de Morelia which started operations on April of 1968.

Mr. Aberlardo Garcia Arce, founder of AGA died in January 15, 1974. This same year the Embotelladora del Valle de Mexico was founded, while Embotelladora de Aguascalientes is constructed and another bottling facility starts operations at Queretaro. By the 80ís even more bottling facilities opened one at Tampico, another in Irapuato and Veracruz.

Embotelladora AGA is the manufacturer of Squirt, Sidral Aga, Caballitos, Zubba, Skarch, Nara, Lemon One, and Agua Pureza among other brands.

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