FOY Life Fountain of Youth Brand

FOY Life Fountain of Youth Brand

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FOY LIFE The Fountain of Youth Brand

TASTE THE FOY LIFE Fountain of Youth in 4 flavors: The Original OG Lime, Merry Berry, Orange Dream and Yerba Rocket.

The FOY Life is all about being fully mindful and aware of how you fuel your body and soul. We believe that everyone should feel young and live a healthy lifestyle. Our refreshing natural and organic specialty brewed beverages offer curative benefits in each of our unique flavors that give you an edge on your healthy lifestyle journey!

FOY Life Inc. is a healthy lifestyle drink that promotes mindfulness and wellness to your body and soul in each of its all-natural, curative beverages. FOY Life was founded by weight loss & healthy lifestyle guru, Alex Capio, who lost over 500 pounds being mindful and aware of what he put in his body.

During Alex's healthy lifestyle transition, he often found himself with hunger pains, rapid heart beat and a lack of energy after crashing from sugary energy drinks. Remembering an old hibiscus flower and ginger brew that his Nani used to make him to calm his sugar cravings and lower his blood pressure as a kid, Alex started experimenting and mixing different all natural herbs, spices and fresh ingredients to accentuate his Nani's original brew.

After many years of brewing FOY for family and friends in need of the invigorating curative benefits that FOY provided, the word spread quickly of this Fountain of Youth drink and the demand grew into FOY Life Inc. Our brewed, refreshing drinks taste amazingly delightful with flavors for each and every palate and for the incredible benefits of FOY ingredients.

FOY The Fountain of Youth mission is to make everyone. Be Young FOY Life by providing a great tasting brew that makes everyone's body and soul a little happier!

Try FOY LIFE 4 unique and healthy flavors: The original OG Lime, Orange Dream, Yerba Rocket and Merry Berry.

Suppresses Appetite - Anti Aging - Maintains Healthy Heart - Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals - Speeds Metabolism - Organic

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