Multi-Grain Wraps Regular Size 9" by Porkyland - 30 ct

Tortilla Fresca
Multi-Grain Wraps Regular Size 9" by Porkyland
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Multi-Grain Wraps Regular Size 9" 30 Count by Porkyland - Net Wt 54 oz

Multi Grain Wraps are made with Four wholesome grains, made with flax seed an excellent source of ALA Omega 3+ and Canola Oil. Resealable package that protects freshness and flavor. Multigrain flour tortillas.

Stove Wrap Heating Instructions:

1. Preheat a non stick pan to medium heat 400 F. No butter or oil is required.

2. Place wrap in pan and cook for aproximately 30 seconds.

3. Turn wrap over and cook for an additional 30 seconds or until soft and warm.

4. Carefully remove from pan, add any filling you desire and enjoy!

Microwave Instructions

To heat a dozen wraps, follow this instructions:

1. Place wrap in a paper towel.

2. Micorowave o high power 2 minutes or until soft and warm. Carfully remove from the microwave and let stand for 30 seconds. Serve and enjoy.

Porkyland Tortillas are manufactured in San Diego, California by Circle Foods, LLC.


Tortilla de multigrano Wrap marca Porkyland Diametro 9" 30 unidades - 1.53 Kg

Las tortillas de multigrano wrap de Porkyland estan hechas con 4 granos y contienen Linaza con alto contenido de Omega-3. Los Wraps pueden ser calentadas en el comal o microhondas. Favor refrigerar despues de comprar.


Multi-Grain Wraps Regular Size 9" by Porkyland


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