Roland Fancy Baby Corn Small Whole - 15 oz

Roland Fancy Baby Corn Small Whole
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Baby Corn - Roland Fancy Baby Corn Small Whole 15 oz

Roland® Whole Baby Corn, Fancy Small, approximately 2 to 2 1/2" inches long. Light yellow color with 18 ct. and up per tin. Product has firm texture and over all good appearance. Tender young corn kernels.

Ingredients: Young Corn, Water, Salt.

Preparation: As a canned product, Roland® Whole Baby Corn is used in hot dishes or right from the tin. Product is used whole although some Asian end-users will slice the product parallel to the long axis to obtain a lower portion cost.

This tasy, whole miniature corn-on-the cob is eaten as is. Serve in the following ways:
-Perfect in Chinese style stir-fried dishes.
-Use in fresh oriental salads of up-scale pasta salads.
-Combine with other vegetables in wok cooking.
-Instant finger food for parties and snacks.
-Heat with butter and parsley or serve with a sauce.


Elotitos enteros chicos de Roland 425 g

Elotitos miniatura se acostumbran usar en ensaladas y en algunos platillos de la comida China y de la cocina oriental. Deliciosos cuando se usa con pasta y con otros vegetales preparados en un wok. Se pueden usar como utensilio para botanear en dips y en general en cualquier comida vegetariana.


Roland Fancy Baby Corn Small Whole

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