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Devout Catholics wear medals as a reminder of God, his infinite love for us, the forgiveness of sins and salvation. A Saint Medal is like a photograph of a relative or friend; we finger the medals just like we finger the portrait of a loved one, showing one’s devotion or affection to the person in the picture. Those beloved pictures are as unique as the people portrayed in them. The holy people portrayed in the medals we wear are so unique that we can identify, admire and try to emulate their life and virtues, as well as seek their constant protection and intersession for us before God. Wearing a medal gives the wearer peace and tranquility knowing they are under God’s and their saints protection. When we get baptized our parents choose our names, but when we join the church as adults of our own accord in Confirmation, we can take on a saint’s name of our choice, whose life and virtues we would like to imitate. It is during one of these two celebrations: Baptism and Confirmation that we are presented with our very fist saint medal, be it as a medal we put around our neck or in a safety pin, which we wear pinned to our shirts close to our heart.

Wearing a saint’s medals pinned to our shirts, blankets or around our neck is a way to honor and remember that saint. Mothers pin the medals to their baby’s shirts or blankets so they will be protected from any harm that comes their way. Catholics believe that touching the medal is like touching the saint himself and that the medal is a way for their prayers to be answered and bring about healings. Saint medals today are worn as a reminder of our favorite saint, as a way to feel closer to him or her, feel their protection and keep them close to our heart. People choose their saints according to their interests and needs in life. To find love or something lost we pray to Saint Anthony of Padua, A carpenter may be devout of St. Joseph, etc. brings you a unique selection of Gold Religious safety pins so you can pin them on your baby’s blanket, stroller or your baby’s clothes. These pins also make excellent presents for baptisms and confirmations.

If you’re going to baptize your baby, gift them with the gift of faith with their first Medal in the form of a Religious Gold Pin. Choose from our 14k gold Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal & Cross pin or regular Religious Gold medal and Cross Pin. They make perfect presents, so start a beautiful tradition that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Safety pin for good luck

It’s never too late to start protecting yourself from the Evil eye, which is why the Safety pins for good luck were invented. Safety pins come with charms to hang on to baby carriages, strollers and blankets for good luck and of course evil eye protection, envy, curse, jinx, jealousy and disease.

For thousands of years people have used thousands of methods of protection, the baby pins that carry different amulets is one of them. One of the charms in the safety pin is a Hamsa amulet, which is shaped by a hand facing up or down. Portrayed with an eye in the middle of it, it’s also known as the hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Khamsa or Chamsa. The safety pin usually carries other amulets and charms in order to make the pin appealing to babies and not frighten them. Teddy bears, pacifiers, dolls, toys, and colored beads are some of the charms that dangle on the safety pin. This way baby is not only protected from the evil eye and bring them good luck, but also makes it amusing and decorative. brings you a beautiful 14k gold Jewish Good Luck Gold Pin for your baby. It makes an excellent gift for your family and friends on any occasion and keeps them protected from the evil eye and brings them good luck at the same time. Pin is unisex, can be worn by babies, children and adults. On this beautiful Gold safety pin dangles these charms: an evil eye bead, made of a unique white and blue round bead, Chai, Jewish Hand and the Star of David.


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