Muy Picante Kitchen Linens: Aprons, Holders, Oven Mitts and Totes

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Aprons, Holders, Oven Mitts and Totes by Muy Picante Kitchen Linens and Homekeeping

Muy Picante was started in Rosarito (Baja California) Mexico by Lorena and Pedro - US citizens, now ex patriots living in Baja. They loved to travel in Mexico, they love the culture and the people. They were semi retired when they came upon some fabulous Mexican themed cotton prints that are made in the US and hardly known in Mexico.

Lorena opened a ladies cooperative in Rosarito ‘Mujeres Del Mundo’ in 2009. A place where twelve local talented women could show and sell their hand made goods - women who could never have afforded their own retail store were fast becoming entrepreneurs.

Lorena started with just one local lady, Ruth - whose Mother made aprons all her life - to make the first set of Aprons using the brightly colored images of Frida Kahlo and scenes from Dia de los Muertos. The aprons proved to be very popular at Mujeres Del Mundo.

Lorena and Pedro then hired more local ladies to make more products. Many are the sole supporters of their families. One lady needed work but did not have a sewing machine - Lorena loaned her one and she has since been able to buy her own machine and returned the borrowed one. These ladies come weekly to pick up work, drop off impeccably hand made items and pick up their earnings. On the days when these talented sewers come to drop off the work - it is a ‘family outing’ - many generations of proud ladies arrive, Grandma’s Great Grandma’s and Aunts often with husbands, children and grandchildren.

Lorena and Pedro always have toys, sodas and cookies for the kid’s. The children eagerly and proudly try to say a few words in English. Muy Picante is happy to be helping so many families. Please support the local talent of Rosarito - the local ladies and their Mom’s and Grandma’s and Aunts! Thank you Ruth, Eunice, Veronica, Adrianna, Alisia, Marie Elena, Isabel and Ruffino for all your dedication - we do not want to ever have our products made in China!

Lorena has since sold Mujeres Del Mundo and along with Pedro have become wholesalers. Muy Picante is their baby. She is only 8 months old - but growing very fast. Muy is so demanding that Lorena has had to hire a ‘nanny’ Manager (local Mexican Lady) to oversee her daily needs.

Thanks to all of you - Muy Picante products are now available in Mexico, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Hawaii and most recently in London, England. Please look for Muy Picante products at

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