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Bars of Zest bath soap.

There’s nothing like Zest to leave your skin clean, fresh and hydrated. Dive into Zest Aqua bar Soap and feel hydrated with its rich hydrating lather with vitamin E, the one and only original. Zest is the soap with a refreshing scent that the whole family will love because it’s the right soap for them! Rinse clean in a splash, leaving nothing on your skin except a clean fresh scent and a Zestfully clean feeling! Zest deodorizes skin as it cleans, leaving nothing behind but a soft nourished, rejuvenated, clean skin. Use Zest to lather up in the shower, to wash your hands at the sink or in the kitchen after washing the dishes for a cool, refreshing feel!  Just like its slogan says it brings you back to life! Get Zestfully clean!


  • Contains no floral scents.

  • Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth.

  • Soap contains Vitamin E

  • Clean fresh scent

  • Genuinely clean

  • Dermo cleansing.

  • Energy refreshment for your skin.

  • Rich lather that rinses clean, leaving your skin smooth, fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Clear rinsing with a classic clean scent.

  • Deodorizes skin as it cleans.

  • Famous for its lather and refreshing energizing scent.

  • Will not dry out your skin.

  • Contains hydrating effects that will rejuvenate your skin.

  • Ideal to stock your bath, shower, the grooved bank of your sink or kitchen.

  • 6.35 oz (180g) soap bar.

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Zest Aqua Frescura y Limpieza - Jabón de baño Zest.

Para una piel limpia, fresca e hidratada sumergete en el delicioso aroma y fresca espuma de Zest Hidradante Aqua con Vitamina E, el unico y original! Te dejara la piel limpia, fresca e hidratada. Zest es la barra de jabon con una fragancia refrescante que le encantara a toda la familia! Enjuaga rapidisimo, dejando nada en tu piel mas que un delicioso y fresco aroma una sensacion limpia! Zest deodoriza la piel mientras la limpia, dejando nada mas que una piel fresca, suave, limpia, y rejuvenecida. Usa Zest para enjabonarte en la regadera, para lavarte las manos en el lavamanos, o en la cocina despues de lavar los platos para una sensacion refrescante! Zest te vuelve a la vida, porque si limpia, si limpia y refresca!


  • No contiene aromas florales.

  • Deja la piel suave y con una sensacion de limpieza.

  • Contiene Vitamina E

  • Dermolipiador

  • Refrescante energia para tu piel.

  • Deodoriza mientras limpia.

  • Hace espuma que se enjuaga rapido, dejando la piel rejuvenecida, suave y fresca.

  • No reseca la piel.

  • Contiene effectos hidratantes  que rejuveneceran tu piel.

  • Ideal para tener en el bano, la regadera o la cocina.

  • Barra de jabon de 180g


Video Anuncio Jabon Zest

Product Reviews
Zest Bath Soap (Mexico) - 198 g
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

Review for Zest Bath Soap (Mexico)
January 2, 2010

I can get Zest in a bar that looks like a real bar of soap, instead of that ugly bar they sell in the US.


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