Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink - 1.5 lt

Picture of Tamarind Flavor - Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink 1.5 liter - Item No. 6268
Brand:  Jarritos
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Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink
Brand: Jarritos
Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink (Pack of 6)
Brand: Jarritos
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Tamarind Flavor - Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink 1.5 liter

Two liter bottle of Tamarindo drink flavored with pulp from tamarindo pod from Jarritos.


Jarritos was Mexico's first national soft drink in 1950 and is now the best selling Mexican soft drink in the U.S. Jarritos is the best complement to Mexican food because of its nine great tasting and authentically Mexican fruit flavors.The Most Mexican Soft Drink!


Cooking and drinking tamarind products have become very popular. The tamarind or tamarindo is a well known ingredient in Thai and Indian recipes, they are also used in Mexico to make aguas frescas and dulces de tamarindo: tamarind drinks, softdrinks and candies.
The pods of the tamarind tree, which was brought to Mexico from India, contain large seeds surrounded by a sticky brown pulp, which is sold as tamarind paste for use in Asian cooking. Tamarind pods are sold in bulk and smaller bags catering to Thai, Indian and Latino communities.

Jarritos Refresco de Tamarindo

Botella de 1.5 litros de bebida de tamarindo.


La vaina del fruto de un árbol tropical muy popular en México. Cultivado en otras partes del mundo como en la India. Las vainas contienen un jugo muy agrio empleado como condimento en algunas bebidas, concentrados, dulces y curries indios. Su sabor es agrio de una acidez moderada y un suave aroma.

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Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink

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