Alebrije Camilion Mask - Approx. 8"d x 16"w x 12"h

Picture of Alebrije Mask  Camillion - Item No. 116-016
Alebrije Camilion MaskAlebrije Camilion MaskAlebrije Camilion Mask
Item#: 116-016
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Alebrije Camilion Mask

Alebrije Mask handmade in paper mache. Figure representing a camileon green with red gills stops expressing his anger. Artist, Antonio Joel Garcia Ventura, Mexico City.

Approx. 8"d x 16"w x 12"h

Unit True Ship Weight (lbs): 1.2 lb (19 ounces or 0.54kg)

Mascara Alebrije Camale¢n

Mascara de Alebrije hecha a mano en papel mache. Figura que representa un camale¢n verde con las branqueas paradas en rojo manifestando su enojo. Artista, Antonio Joel Garc¡a Ventura, Ciudad de Mexico.

Aprox. 20.3cm largo x 40.6cm ancho x 30.5cm alto

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Alebrije Camilion Mask
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